Test Driving the new Jeep Compass in Portugal

Craig of That Dapper Chap travels to Portugal to test drive the new Jeep Compass on the streets and rocky hill sides


If you follow my Instagram account you may have seen my recent story where I documented my trip to Portugal where I got to view and test drive the new Jeep Compass.


Jeep in Portugal

Landing in Lisbon after a smooth flight we were quickly transported by the Jeep team to the Sheraton Hotel where we had an hour or two to chill out and unpack. Then it was time for the Jeep team to unveil the details of their latest offering via their #Recalculating presentation.


Guests from the media gather to hear the details of the Jeep Compass
The design comes into focus


The design team thrash out the details at Jeep


The data and the details

After being split into groups which matched the different road conditions the Jeep can accommodate: snow, mud, rock and sand, we took it in turns in our groups to learn about the various factors of this new all terrain vehicle, which makes it stand out from previous models.


Size wise the Compass sits comfortably between the Renegade and the Cherokee and has a 1,251 litre space capacity behind the first row of seats, which is enough to accommodate most families needs: the push chair, suitcases and maybe a fridge if the need arises!

Staying safe

In 65% high strength steel, this is a super safe addition to your family, and comes to you with all of the safety features that you’ve come to expect from Jeep. It includes full collision warning and auto braking. It also has a lane departure warning system which will automatically bring you back in line by taking over the steering wheel.

Parking is simple too with a built in system which measures the size of the space that you’re thinking of parking in, to ensure it’s adequate. No more awkward moments trying to get in a space and then realising it’s a tad too small while being hooted at by annoyed drivers!

Get Connected

With full touch screen connectivity and a Bang & Olufsen sound system you can stay fully connected. set up your smart phone and enjoy those classic rock ballads in perfect stereo, both on and off road. All together now “we will, we will, rock you!” (just avoid the hand clap, hands on the wheel please!)

The inside scoop

The interior of the car is pretty snazzy too. The designers took a slightly different approach on this one, and took inspiration directly from athletic pursuits. Aside from being crazy comfortable, the styling is pretty spot on. With Alpine skiing inspired details and a console design based on a boxing helmet, they seem to have got the balance right between function and cool.



The drive

The first part of our drive took us around Portugal’s stunning coastline. With busy roads it was a real life situation. Busses, cyclists and pedestrians, traffic lights and junctions. All of which were navigated with ease. This is a fairly big boy, but I didn’t feel like I was sitting in a tank like I thought I could. It felt fairly light and comfortable, which surprised me.

The second part of the drive took us off road, so switching from auto to ‘rock’ mode, we set off into the forested hills of Portugal in the Compass Trailhawk. While at times bumpy, the terrain wasn’t an issue for the car. Okay, so there aren’t many rocky forests in London, but having this function won’t limit any desire you may have to seek a new experience, or just drive right over the tops of roundabouts (not recommended by That Dapper Chap. Who’s going to replant all the flowers?!)

The new Jeep Compass isn’t available just yet. The first cars will make their way to dealerships in December and will be launched in January 2017. Start putting those pennies in your piggy bank now!





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