New Glasses from Glasses Direct

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares his new London Retro Fitzroy glasses

As a bespectacled bloke it’s good to see so many styles available for us visually challenged folk. Most of the week I do wear contact lenses, but they tend to feel dry in hot weather so I sometimes switch to glasses, and anyone who wears glasses knows it can be so difficult to find that perfect pair.

Glasses Direct is an online store stocking hundreds of different styles, and if you’re someone like me who likes to try styles on, you can do so in the comfort of your own home with their free home trial. Just pick a few styles you like and they’ll send them to you to try. No feeling self conscious in the shop! and you can easily Whatsapp your mates to get their opinion too.

 You can even try them on virtually. Just choose a frame you like and click the ‘virtual try on’ button. A webcam shot of your face later, and you’re ready to select some styles to try. I did this and found it really easy to do and very helpful. Just know that however they look in the image, they’ll look 100% better in reality.

 The style I chose are by London Retro and as the name suggests they offer a range of vintage and retro style frames. These particular frames are called ‘Fitzroy‘. Available in five different colour options, I chose tobacco tortoiseshell. The prescription is great and they fit very well.





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