A new style by Murdock London of Old Spitalfields Market

Craig of That Dapper Chap get a new hair style courtesy of Murdock London, in Old Spitalfields Market, and reviews their beard cream.

With seven stores in London and one in Paris Murdock London offer that traditional barber shop treatment that’s been missing from a gentleman’s grooming regime. With wet shaves, beard trims and full restyles Murdock London “form the foundations of confidence a man needs to stride through life’s adventures” Their words, not mine.

Sitting at the front of the Hackett store on Brushfield Street, you can get a new do and a new outfit all in one place! My barber for the afternoon was Anthony Komodikis, a charming fellow sporting a Hackett bow tie and wool waistcoat. With 14 years’ experience under his belt I was in good hands. So trustworthy in fact that I was happy for him to give me a complete restyle.

After an initial consultation Anthony recommended a ‘crop’ and I was excited to get started. After a washing and conditioning my hair with Murdock London products Anthony set about my restyle.

Crop complete and Anthony styles my hair with Murdock London soft clay and completed my new look, ready for the new season.

The Murdock London Beard Moisturiser

With beard oil on every shelf in every mens grooming area, Murdock London are offering something a little different with their beard moisturiser.

With a GQ award for ‘best new beard care product’ I thought I’d give it a try.

While my beard isn’t a whopping ZZ Top style facial extravaganza it can sometimes feel a little dry and itchy and I know that this can be an issue for a lot of guys with facial furniture, monstrous moustaches and bountiful beards. This is apparently due to the hair taking moisture from the skin, making it dry, and therefore prone to irritation.

I found the moisturiser very easy to use, it’s non greasy, which is a major plus and it smells fantastic!

After using it a couple of times my beard hair honestly did feel softer and more supple, and I had no itching of the skin that I have had previously, so it worked for me and it was nice that it isn’t an oil.

At £24.00 for 150ml pick up a bottle from Anthony at the Spitalfields store, and why not get a trim while you’re there.

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