The Smile Brilliant Tooth Whitening Kit

Craig of That Dapper Chap tries out the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit, shows us what’s in the kit and how to use it for the best results

Your smile matters!

Everywhere we turn were presented with images of people with beautifully healthy white teeth. It’s a rare sight these days to see a celeb, TV personality or sports star without a set of gleaming nashers. It’s a reflection of who we are and how we live our lives, it shows that we care about our appearance and our oral hygiene.

Confession: I am a coffee addict, a curry lover and I’m also an ex-smoker, as a result my teeth were no longer as white as they could be. I’m not overly self conscious about my smile and I have had some corrective dental work previously to better my smile. I’ve also tried a whitening kit before which had very limited results so when the Smile Brilliant kit landed on my door mat I did question how effective it would be. The only way to get really white teeth is at an orthodontist right? Wrong! You see, this kit contains the same products that they use, but it comes without the high price tag! You do it yourself, in your own time and get the results you want.

The Smile Brilliant Kit

When your order your kit from Smile Brilliant it’ll arrive quickly. Inside you have:


  • A fully detailed instruction guide
  • 3 pots of base paste & 3 sets of catalyst paste
  • Syringes of tooth whitening gel and desensitising gel
  • 2 Impression trays
  • A consent card
  • A return envelope

Taking your impressions is easy. Just grab the impression trays, the pastes and a stopwatch and follow my YouTube video below. Once you’ve done that, complete your consent card and send that back to the guys at Smile Brilliant with your impressions. Then all you have to do is wait!

 Whitening your teeth

Once your custom fitted teeth whitening trays arrive you’re ready for the next step. This is the exciting part as you can not get the smile you’ve always wanted. All I ask is that you re-read the instructions, take it slow and do it properly.

The second time I used mine I added too much whitening gel and it leaked onto my gums and did cause some reddening and soreness meaning that I had to wait a few days for things to calm down before I was able to whiten again. That was my mistake and not due to the kit. Learn from my experience!

To start whitening just follow my follow up YouTube video below.

The Results

I took my time to whitening my teeth and as a result I didn’t see immediate results but looking at my before and after pictures there is a clear difference. I don’t want naturally white teeth that enter a room before I do. I want people to engage with me rather than becoming transfixed by my teeth!

I’m pleased to tell you that the results are very natural. My teeth look whiter and cleaner but they also look ‘normal’ People have commented that my teeth look whiter but nobody has indicated that it’s too much.

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