Knitmas with White Stuff

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares the details of the latest Charity campaign from our friends at White Stuff

 It’s beginning to look a lot like ‘Knitmas’ at White Stuff! and I was totally surprised and delighted to receive a beautiful navy scarf, complete with embroidered monogram. It was entirely out of the blue and was sent to me in support of their latest charity campaign.

All I need now is for the weather to get a little cooler so that I can wear it!

 White Stuff have always supported local charities and this season is no different. Having already donated £2.1m to over 100 worthy causes they want to add to that figure, and this time around they are selling two scarves to raise funds.

The first is the ‘Charlie’ chunky stripe scarf (which is the scarf that they sent to me) and the second is the ‘Sarah’ check scarf.

The scarves will be available online and in stores in October and for every scarf bought White Stuff will donate £7 to charitable causes


Charity is all about giving back, engaging in that basic human instinct to care, and doing good for others. It’s very important to me, and I have supported many charities over the years, be it via sponsorship, taking part in mud races and weird events, or my monthly payment to the NSPCC.

I’m lucky in that I don’t need to take advantage of a charity, but nobody knows when life will take a turn and result in the need to seek help. It can happen to any of us at any time.

Give a little, give a lot, but please give! Why not get a great new scarf into the bargain and buy yourself, or a loved one, a lovely new scarf from White Stuff.

When you buy you please take a picture of yourself wearing it and post it to social media, use the hashtag #WhatCharityMeansToMe






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