The Moon Phase watch by MAEN Watches

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the Moon Phase watch from MAEN Watches



Todays review is all about the MAEN Watches moon phase watch. As with any sponsored post you’re going to get a full review and my honest and unbiased opinion.

The brands name ‘MAEN’ is an old dutch word that literally means ‘Moon’ and each of their watches features a nifty and quirky little dial, that when set, tracks the phases of the moon.

I opted for the midnight blue watch with black leather strap, but MAEN offer a number of colourways.

With a Swiss made Ronda movement (quartz) and sapphire crystal glass, the watch has a 316L Stainless steel case and a powder coated Mignight Blue dial with polished indicators.

The strap is made from a high quality Italian leather and it is water resitant too up to 5ATM

The case measures 38mm and is 7mm thick. With an 18mm strap, your watch also comes with a full 2 Year warranty.



Retailing at £232 the watch is at a good level for the quality that you’re getting. It’s at gift level, maybe not a last minute gift but it’s not jaw droppingly expensive either.


My watch arrived safe and secure in a sturdy box, itself encased in a black sleeve which I thought was a nice touch.

Inside the box my watch was nestled on a velvet bed, held in place for its journey by two elastic straps. Also held in by an elastic strap, inside the lid, you’ll find your instruction manual and warranty.



The watch keeps perfect time. As with all my watch reviews I set the time by the iconic speaking clock and when I checked back in 24 hours later it was correct.

The watch is a ‘sensible’ size for my wrist and it felt comfortable and lightweight. Once on I was unaware that I was wearing it, unlike some heavier and chunkier watches that I own.

I admit that I did struggle with the moon phase setting. To set the moon phase you first have to find out where the moon is. Once you know that you need to wind the bezel until the correct moon phase shows in its little window. Baring in mind that the moon takes a whole month to do its thing that can be a lot of winding!


If you’re looking for an unobtrusive and elegant watch with a whimsical nature this could be what you’re looking for.

If however you like your timepieces to get noticed and make a statement this isn’t it. It’s a very classic looking watch and it’s size, while well proportioned is not one that will grab attention and shout about its presence.


I like the look of this watch and it offers something a little different to others out there. The moon phase is a nice touch and adds additional interest.

On the more negative side, setting the moon phase took me a while and gave me a sore thumb. Not a huge issue I admit, but there’s one other thing to consider here: if you are a guy who has a collection of watches and pulls out the bezels on the ones that you’re not wearing to save battery life, it’s going become a real issue for you setting the moon phase each time you wear it.


The team liked this watch, Katy commented “Oh, I like the moon, that’s a really nice touch” Carla told me “I’d wear this myself, it’s very classy looking”

Matt thought it was “very elegant” and said that “it’s an every day watch”


Overall I like this watch. The slight quirkiness appeals to me and it’s a very comfortable and easy to wear timepiece.

I have no reason to track the phases of the moon but it could be a good conversation starter and also good for those among us that need to avoid the full moon for whatever reason they may have to do so!




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