GANT launches online shirt destination

Known as the original shirtmaker, preppy American sportswear brand GANT launches a handy shirt guide and a global online shirt destination.

Since its re-branding in 2015, GANT has targeted  style-conscious guys like you and I with an impressive range of high quality menswear, no more so than it’s shirt collection.

Knowing that shirts are a staple items for any guy GANT have put together a really handy interactive shirt guide

“This is just as much a brand experience as it is product information” says GANT Global E-Commerce Manager Kieran Clinton-Tarestad. With video and the ability to get a 360 degree look at the various fits that GANT offer, it’s a great tool to helping us buy online.

Wearing my new GANT shirt, chosen with help form their new shirt guide

So, with all that in mind, I thought I’d give it a whirl, and a 360 degree whirl at that! Upon going to the guide I was presented with a wealth of information on GANT shirts: from finding the perfect shirt and how to style it, through to the anatomy of the shirt, and the story behind GANT shirts.

Not only does it help you understand what type of shirt will work best for you and your occasion but there are also some very handy ‘how to’ guides which detail how to iron your shirt and how to fold and pack it!


Using the guide I opted for the GANT Rugger ‘Dreamy Oxford Striped Shirt’ In 100% cotton, the shirt features an oxford weave that’s really soft and feels great to wear.

This shirt is the “Hugger” fit, which is a slim cut with a tapered body. It has a button-down collar and a single chest pocket. I chose this particular shirt as I could see that it could be styled in a number of ways and will suit both formal and casual styling.

So, if you’re considering the purchase of a new shirt or two, maybe for your Christmas party or just to refresh your work wardrobe, give the GANT Shirt Guide a look and see how you get on.


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