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Craig of That Dapper Chap introduces us to Maxwell Scott Bags and the Calvino briefcase and offers readers the chance to win a credit card holder.

Meet Maxwell Scott Bags

Maxwell Scott bags are a luxury British brand offering beautifully handcrafted bags and accessories for men and women made from fine Italian leather.

Established in 2002 Maxwell Scott Bags have recently re-imaged and set about making waves with one single aim, and that is to become the most loved British bag company in the world.

With a range of top quality products to rival any other brand out there, Maxwell Scott Bags are a true contender for this title, and I for one am super impressed with the bag that I received.

What’s in my Calvino briefcase?

If you’ve subscribed to my YouTube channel you’ll already have see the unboxing of the briefcase. If you haven’t I’ve included it here too, but you’ll see all of my videos on YouTube first, so be sure to subscribe!

Okay, I have to tell you that I LOVE this briefcase! I’ve used it over the last few days and it’s become my new best friend. To start with it’s very light. While the leather is of a high quality it’s not weighty and cumbersome like some leather bags can be.

As a blogger I often get asked “what’s in your bag” so I thought I’d share that with you while showcasing the Calvino briefcase.

My diary, along with my notebook are essential, as they have details of all of my appointments, events and my blog schedule. Without them I don’t know where I’d be, so those are two items I have to have with me at all times.

Because I need to stay connected at all times, my charger and lightening stick are also essential. When I’ve taken pictures with my camera I’m instantly able to to transfer them to my iPad or iPhone and then share on the blog or other social media.

I also carry some extra strong mints, hair product and cologne to ensure that I arrive fresh to any meetings. My mini umbrella stops me arriving wet and bedraggled.

Every guys needs a wallet and I’m no exception, but I also carry a leather envelope where I can stash my receipts for safe keeping for the tax man. That’s also where I keep painkillers, just in case of a headache.

And lastly I always carry a fabric shopping bag to make sure than when I shop I don’t add to any environmental catastrophe cause by plastic bags!

So, that what a dapper chap carries in his Calvino briefcase!

Win a Marco credit card holder

That Dapper Chap and Maxwell Scott Bags are offering readers a chance to win the Marco, luxury slim leather credit card holder.

Priced at £32.00 and available in tan, dark brown or black, all you have to do to be in a chance of winning is to click the competition link below and follow the simple instructions! Good Luck!

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