Awesome Undies by Noble By Noble

Craig of That Dapper Chap gets new underwear from Australian underwear brand Noble By Noble.

Getting ready for work wearing my white ‘classic man leg’ underwear by Noble By Noble

Every dapper chap needs great underwear. It’s expected. When that special person gets to see under your Tom Ford suit they expect your style to continue. 

What they don’t want to see is something off white and worn out, with a random day of the week or a cartoon character printed on them.  

Keep it classy and take a look at Australian brand Noble By Noble

My perfectly presented collection of Noble By Noble underwear

Noble By Noble

Created by former Qantas Pilot Belinda Noble, a woman who knows a man’s world (and a top notch one at that) the brand is all about high end quality. 

After leaving Qantas, Belinda turned her talents to fashion design and after a few years in London and Paris she took herself back to Australia and Noble By Noble was born.

The aim was to create a quality product that’s both comfortable, stylish and affordable. I’m already and fan and can give you my word that it hits every one of these marks. 

My three pack of underwear cam in it’s own drawstring bag. Perfect for weekends away

A closer look at my monogrammed shorts

Belinda was kind enough to send me a set of three ‘Classic Man Leg’ shorts to try out. I chose black, white and grey to make sure I could see all of the colours. Feel free to go all white or all black, the choice is yours as you can pick what you get in your pack. 

And, if you like a slightly shorter leg Noble By noble also offer a ‘Classic Man Trunk’ 

Black, White and grey underwear. Classic colours for classy gents

I was really excited to see that my boxers had been monogrammed with my initials. Now if that’s not classy I don’t know what it. No Homer Simpson here. 

Just like your tie and your socks, your underwear says a lot about you. Wearing a joke on any of these items makes you the joke, please throw anything you may have like that away immediately! Yes, it was a gift, I get it, but still I hear the trash can calling!

Noble By Noble underwear fit perfectly and are as comfortable as they say they are

A closer look at the Noble By Noble logo on the rear of the underwear

I’m loving my monogrammed shorts. Can you tell?

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