The Noose & Monkey Pre LCM Collection Launch Party

Craig of That Dapper Chap attends the Pre-LC:M new collection Launch Party with Noose & Monkey

Models wearing Noose & Monkey and working the camera

Noose & Monkey have been on my sartorial radar for some time now. You’ll have seen their concessions in Topman stores, ASOS and Zalando, and been drawn to their bold colours, big check, floral prints and double breasted waistcoats.

When I was invited to view their new collection at their pre-LC:M party I of course jumped at the chance.

Yours truly enjoying the new collection and of course wearing Noose & Monkey

About Noose & Monkey

It’s a common misconception that the Noose & Monkey name has its roots in a less salubrious history than it truly does, and I have been confronted about this on my Instagram page and accused of being insensitive. So, let me set the story straight!

Noose & Monkey is a story of mistaken identity. During the Napoleonic wars, the crew of a French naval vessel dressed their pet monkey in an officers uniform. After being shipwrecked off Hartlepool, the monkey was discovered on a beach. The locals, assuming he was a Frenchman and therefore the enemy, hung him in the town square.

So that’s it. Story told.

Noose and Monkey
The real story of the Noose & Monkey name

The Noose & Monkey Party

Arriving at the W Hotel in London’s Leicester Square in my Noose & Monkey black and white check three piece suit, I grabbed a cocktail and made my way over to the rails and beautifully dressed mannequins to view the new collection.

As other guests arrived the drinks flowed and the DJ provided us with thumping dance music for the occasion. Cameras clicked, glasses chinked and everyone got into the party atmosphere.

The Noose & Monkey party, held at the super cool W Hotel

The DJ, spinning tunes to get the party started

While chatting with the Noose & Monkey team I was astounded to learn that there are only 2 designers and 1 design manager who take care of every new collection. Needless to say that the 2 designers are incredibly busy people but I’m pleased to tell you that I managed to snag both of them.

Chatting to the design team at the Noose & Monkey party

After complimenting me on my choice of suit they spoke to me about the new collection and some of the extraordinary fabrics that they use on their jackets and suits. You see, these aren’t just ordinary fabrics. The team will visit many factory’s to get the right material and that often includes factory’s that manufacture household and upholstery fabrics. 

Occasion jackets in sumptuous fabrics for the new season

cocktails flowed from the bar at the W Hotel in Leicester Square

When visiting factory’s they are more often than not escorted directly to a fabric selection predominantly used for standard mens tailoring. When the team spot a fabric that they’d like to use, they are often told that the fabric is for women’s wear or upholstery.

Being a brand that wants to test the boundaries and offer us something different and more exciting, it’s these fabrics that often end up on their buyers list, and I’m glad that they do.

Mannequin squad, all dressed in the latest pieces from Noose & Monkey

Amazing fabrics are coming our way in the new collection 

My favourite piece from the Noose & Monkey collection is a stunning jacket with a feather like finish. When pointing this out to one of the designers she exclaimed that this was her favourite piece too and is actually made from upholstery fabric. So if you do wear it don’t be surprised to bump into a matching cushion!

The feather effect jacket, my favourite piece from the new collection 

Leopard print textured fabric, well why not make a statement!

A guest browses the rail of shirts at the Noose & Monkey party

A guest at the event snapping pics of the new collection

Noose & Monkey do double breasted waistcoats very well

Shirting has become a bit more exciting too with loud colours and more eccentric patterns for those that simply don’t want to blend it. Worn without a tie, the top button done up, and the trademark Nose & Monkey collar pins, the Noose & Monkey look isn’t for the shy and retiring.

The Noose & Monkey collection is not for the shy and retiring

Meeting X-Factor star Mason Noise at the pre LCM party

Embracing the Noose & Monkey vibe on the step and repeat board

Shirts for days in amazing prints

Chatting style with one of the Noose & Monkey team

I’m in love with this mustard suit from Noose & Monkey

Discussing the collection with one of the Noose & Monkey designers

When you buy your Noose & Monkey suit, be sure to take a picture and post it to social media and make sure you tag Noose & Monkey to get noticed,

Myself and fellow blogger The Man In The Suit @MrDarkie

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