Product Review – Sothys Homme Eau De Toilette Intense

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the Sothys Homme Eau De Toilette Intense fragrance for men from Regal Gentleman and offers readers a 10% discount off anything on their site


The focus of this review is the Sothys Eau De Toilette men’s aftershave. The fragrance is available from our friends at Regal Gentleman and is exclusive to their site. Regal Gentleman offers the likes of you and I a wide range of products for beard, body, skin and hair from a plethora of well known brands. With products for puffy eyes and thinning hair they have a product and advice for all of us.

The Sothys Eau De Toilette Intense is a stronger version of the original Eau De Toilette. The Eau De Toilette Intense is a powerful and sensual expression of masculine elegance.


Alcohol denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Coumarin, Limonene, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Hexyl Cinnamal, Alpha-iso-methyl ionone, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate

For me the most prominent smell is that of citrus quickly followed by a woody density and a floral back note. It’s a very fresh scent and once settled offers a deep warmth.


At £55.00 for 100ml it sits in a very affordable price bracket. Great as a gift for Fathers Day maybe!


The box is very classy, with the Sothys name at the top of the black box in and embossed white, it is simple and elegant. The bottle itself is clean and classic in style. No frills, no fuss.


I applied the fragrance at 7:30am, squirting 7 pumps of scent into the palm of my hand before rubbing my hands together and applying it to my face, neck and wrists. Then I set off to the office.

I didn’t find it overwhelming as I sometimes do with fragrances, and I should tell you at this point that as I suffer with migraine I have a more sensitive sense of smell than a lot of people I know, and I get offended by a lot of aftershaves!

I had no reaction to the aftershave, no rash, no itching. But I don’t have allergies to fragrances, so if you do I suggest that you check the ingredients above to make sure that it doesn’t include anything that you are sensitive to.

I could still smell the scent a couple of hours later and did ask people to smell me at around 11am. They could smell the fragrance slightly but I did feel that I could apply a couple of extra squirts during my lunch break for continued effect.


This is a very acceptable fragrance and I cannot see it causing offence to anyone. If you’re a guy who likes to follow the latest trend of scents this may not be your thing, as while Sothys is a huge brand, you won’t find this aftershave in any list of most fashionable fragrances.

If however you’re in the market for a fresh masculine scent that emits class and sophistication give it a look.


I like the fresh scent and the fact that it is a more subtle fragrence to others that you can buy. On the flip side this product is billed as being ‘Intense’ and I can’t help but think that it fails a little to live up to that name. You’d be mistaken in thinking that this is a powerful and long lasting aftershave as it have a much more subtle approach than that.


Men wear aftershave to smell good and the majority of us like it when ladies mention how good we smell. So with that in mind I initially canvassed the opinion or three ladies of different ages.

Cindy said “it’s a very sensual and comforting smell. Like a warm blanket” She also noted the woody scent. Both Violet and Katy noted the citrus smell with Violet exclaiming “lemons!”

The guys liked the fragrance too but more so once it had taken a minute or two to settle down. The Enigmatic Mr G wasn’t so enamoured and told me “I don’t think it will last very long, over a period of time it won’t be noticeable and I think it’ll wear off after an hour or so. I’m a little ambivalent to it”

Matt thought its “a definite gentleman’s fragrance, very woody”


Overall I like the Sothys Eau De Toilette Intense. I’m not into over powering and pungent scents that leave a trail behind you that Hansel and Gretel could follow through a dark and heavily wooded forest.

This scent is clean, fresh and warming and it’s sophisticated elements can’t be dismissed.

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