Product review of the brushed rose gold watch by Our Theory Of Watches


Today’s product review is on the brushed rose gold watch by Our Theory of Watches. The guys at Our Theory of Watches appreciate simplicity and style and their first collection of watches is one that they would wear themselves. “When combining all the elements, we took inspiration from our theory of time and space – and incorporated the use of black in various ways – in matt and gloss, complimented by silver and rose-gold. Our straps are metallic mesh and genuine leather”

With four different styles available there isn’t a huge selection to choose from but what is available offers a combination of the elements used across the range.



The brushed rose gold watch comes with a matching mesh strap and is made from stainless steel. With a 41mm case and a 34.5mm dial it’s a nice size on the wrist.

The watch has a Swiss quartz movement and is also water resistant up to 5ATM

The strap is fastened by a clasp which is fully and easily adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.


At just £98.00 ($145) this watch is at the lower end of the price scale and would be great for a gift for a loved one, or even yourself. The quality is good for the price.



Packaging & Presentation

My watch arrived well packed in a padded envelope. Inside the presentation box was wrapped in black tissue paper. Under this was a white sleeve in which sat the branded box.

The box looks great and is again good quality. Sliding out the cushioned drawer you’ll find your watch nicely nestled in its home.

Also inside is a manual which tells you everything that you need to know to operate the watch which is a great touch and very helpful.






Having set the time by the Speaking Clock I wore the watch for the entire day without fuss. I know that this type of strap can sometimes snag hairs on the arm but this one didn’t. I found it very comfortable to wear, and once on it didn’t feel heavy or cumbersome, in fact it’s quite light weight considering that it’s made from steel.

The clasp is firm and clicked easily into place and remained closed and when I checked back with the speaking clock 24 hours later it had maintained perfect time.





This is an understated timepiece. The design is very simple and sophisticated and looks nice on the wrist. It’s not a watch that will be noticed before you do and will be an addition to your natural style rather that the main focus.

So, if you’re looking for something that’s instantly going to catch someones eye and become a talking point this may not be it. However if you want something sleek and elegant that isn’t going to wear you take a look at the brushed rose gold watch and the others on offer from Our Theory of Watches.



Pro’s & Cons

This is a good watch at a good price. The simple design is a plus point for me and I like the way that the gold hands stand out on the black face making them very easy to see.

The watch has gold points at each hour which I do know some people can struggle with, as it can make it difficult to instantly tell the time.





Matt immediately took the watch out of its box and tried it on “it fits like a glove” he told me “it naturally goes around the wrist without effort” He went on to say “it feels a little industrial with the black face and bronze gold hands. I like the sleek lines”

Emma commented on the design “It’s quite classic looking, very smart, and would suit every attire. I’d buy it”

“Ben told me “I generally like the style, it’s more ‘me’ personally because of the strap. I like a plain face, so there’s  not too much going on. Its there to tell the time after all.  He went on to say “The only thing I’m not keen on is the colour because of the bronze effect which can sometimes look a little cheap, but overall I’d wear it”





The general consensus is that this is a nice little timepiece and good value for money.









This is a sponsored post of honest and unbiased opinion


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