Product Review – The Bulldog Watch

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the Newgate Bulldog watch

This is a sponsored post of honest and unbiased opinion


Today’s product review focusses on the military style red Bulldog watch by Newgate Watches which was kindly sent to me by Beau Things For Men, a really cool mens accessory website where you can buy a plethora of incredible products from underwear to bottle openers and bags to mugs.

Newgate have been making clocks for a while now and have also ventured into the watch market with some very unusual designs, none least the Bulldog watch.


Chronograph: Full
Case Size: 46mm X 52mm (including the crown) X 16mm
Strap: Chunky articulated Steel. Width: 24mm with a double locking heavy duty
Dial: Aviator style
Water Resistance: 50 Meters/5ATM
Guarantee: Newgate warranties your watch against defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage to the watches crystal (breaking or chipping), damage to the watch bracelet or case or parts thereof, from improper use, accidents or lack of care.
Colours: Matte Black, Helicopter yellow, Satin Stainless Steel, Rocket Green and Lifeboat Red.


Priced at £299 you get a lot of bang for your buck. This is a serious piece of kit and people are going to know that you’re wearing it.

It’s at a good gift price and I think it’s reasonable for what you’re getting here.


Packaging & Presentation

The packaging is great. My watch arrived perfectly protected.

Once I opened my package I found a white square box, simply branded with the Newgate logo. Inside this is a cool round gift box.

It’s not often you see a round box and that alone makes it a little more special. Adorned with fun phrases, once opened you’ll find your new watch nicely displayed in a foam cushion.

Along with the watch you’ll find your instructions and warranty card, which also gives you information on how to care for your new timepiece.


The watch works very well and keeps perfect time. As with all of my watch reviews I set the time by the Speaking Clock and checked again 24 hours later.

Now, the cockpit pointer hands on this watch, like the watch itself are pretty chunky, so it’s less easy to set a precise time, but I did my best. The Bulldog kept very good time and the date changed just as it should.


The Rocket Green version of the Bulldog watch

This is a full chronograph watch with some cool functions. The stopwatch works well and it easy to use and reset. The bezel rotates with a satisfying clicking action, one which you’d expect from this steamroller of a watch

Once on, I knew I was wearing it. It’s heavy, very heavy, and it’s not easy to forget you have it on. This is by far the biggest timepiece I own and while I was initially reticent about it’s size I have enjoyed wearing it because it is so different to others I own.



If you’re in the market for a truly statement piece this could be for you. It’s a monster watch, and the colours that it’s available in are going to stand out.

It’s chunky style will suit a gentleman with chunky wrist as it won’t get lost as some smaller watches might, looking disproportionate to the wearer.

If however you’re a more ‘classic’ guy this might not be your thing. It’s in no way sedate and it will draw attention.


Pro’s & Con’s

One of the main selling points for me is the fact that it is just so unusual. It’s a significant piece and commands attention. I love the colour and the functions.

On the flip side it is heavy and I did find it a little intrusive. When I took it off I did have a mark on the back of my hand where the crown had dug in while I’d worn it. That might because it’s a little too big for my wrist. A guy with a thicker arm may not have that issue. While not significant I do feel it’s worth mentioning.


This is a particularly polarising watch. People who liked it loved it and people you weren’t so keen hated it! those in the ‘yes’ camp liked it’s size and weight, they liked the colour and the functions.

Those in the ‘no’ camp pretty much disliked all of the things that I have listed above. They thought it was ostentatious and cumbersome.

Matt commented that “this is a real statement piece that you’re going to know you’re wearing”

The Enigmatic Mr G first exclaimed about its weight “It’s heavy isn’t it!” he said and promptly followed that less than eloquent assessment with “It’s very heavy and very red. Who’s going to be wearing this? Geoff Capes?” Also a less eloquent statement than we usually expect from this particular gentleman.



Overall I like the watch. My initial reservations about its size and weight were quickly proven to be unfounded. I expected not to like it as I generally prefer watches that are more simple and classic in style.

It is going to be noticed and commented on by people when you wear it. It is a more unusual piece and one that I am pleased to now have in my collection.


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This is a sponsored post of honest and unbiased opinion


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