#WEARITWELL At The Timex Watch Event

Craig of That Dapper Chap attends the Timex party to view the latest collection from this American heritage brand

The new Timex Fairfield watch with interchangeable straps

It was a real honour to be invited to the Timex party a couple of weeks ago where I got the opportunity, not only to catch up with fellow bloggers, a cheerleader and a spaceman, but to also see the awesome new collections from this heritage brand.

I teamed up with talented photographer and friend Ian Clarke of PhotoByIan for the event. Ian has snapped me on many occasions for various fashion campaigns and he took the majority of the images for this post.

Yours truly snapped by Ian Clarke while Tweeting at the Timex event

Timex are a brand that have stood the test of time and have been providing us with great wrist watches since 1854. A few years on and I find myself on a London rooftop enjoying the latest collection and panoramic views London’s iconic skyline. There may also have been a cocktail or two!


As the DJ filled the venue with cool tunes, waiters swept by with canapes and various refreshments. People mingled and conversed over the various styles on offer in the Timex latest collection. Glass cases lined the walls and were filled with every type of watch on offer.

Timex a heritage US brand that’s stood the test of time

While the Weekender still curries favour  there’s a new guy on the block in the shape of the Fairfield Weekender. Super clean and understated, it’s a style that’s going to be hugely popular. 

As with the original Weekender, the Fairfield comes with interchangeable straps allowing the wearer to switch up and change the look to match whatever mood or style they want. It also has that handy Indiglo light.

from stripes to plain leather and tweed, there’s a strap for everyone

Myself and US based blogger Blake Scott

Waiters prepare cocktails for guests at the Timex event

In addition to the Fairfield Timex also showed of other models such as the Expedition which I was unfamiliar with. In particular the digital version is one I’d never seen before, which has a real retro feel about it.

Also on offer was the Heritage collection with its classic styling and sometimes bright vibrant colours such as the incredibly preppy University  with its bright yellow face.

If you like a little more colour in your life you should also take a look at the Ironman range where colour reigns supreme.

Watches for days at the Times event in London’s Shorditch

Every guest had the opportunity to choose themselves a piece from the collection. As people arrived at the desk to make their choice, sounds of indecision were herd as they were presented with a huge variety of watch faces and accompanying straps.

I opted for the Fairfield Weekender with a brown, grey and red striped strap and I’m really happy with my choice. 

My new Times Fairfield Weekender with striped strap and indiglo light

The DJ spun vinyl and kept us entertained with various tunes throughout the evening

The Timex Originals University watch

Okay, not the most glorious of food, but they were delicious!


Watches galore. Which would you choose?

As the evening progressed we were treated to a live band. The drinks continued and the room filled with press and bloggers alike, all fans of Timex and eager to see what was new.

We were entertained by a cocktail waiter who flipped bottles and displayed his skills, offering those who watched the opportunity to have a go themselves. I have to admit to being one of those that did. I also have to tell you that I wasn’t very good at it, but nothing got broken. Probably because the bottle I used was plastic and for no other reason! Practice makes perfect, right?

We also had the pleasure of meeting a spaceman and a cheerleader who were there to represent various historical episodes from the Timex history. Having chatted to the spaceman for some time I became convinced that he did indeed come from another planet!

Chatting to Blake Scott, his fiance Ashley, and the Spaceman who represented a specific moment in time in the Timex history

Various styles displayed in glass cabinets and yours truly having a peek

A Fairfield Weekender Timex with black face

Selfie time with Ian Clarke, photographer and friend who attended the event with me.






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