Product Review of the Nelson Martina Classic Gold Watch

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the Classic Gold watch by Nelson Martina and offers readers an exclusive 15% discount on orders.


Nelson Martina were kind enough to send me the Classic Gold watch to review and so this is what I shall focus on today.

We all know that Swiss watches are some of the best in the world and have been produced there since the 16th century.

The Classic Gold watch is one of these Swiss made watches and one of a collection of ten classic style watches offered by Nelson Martina.

If you’d like one read on for details of an exclusive 15% reader discount.

The Classic Gold watch has a white dial in a gold case which measures 40mm. The movement is Swiss and made by RONDA, a Swiss based company and one of the largest manufacturers of movements in the world.

With its padded calf leather strap and gold furniture, the watch has a 45 month battery life and comes with a sapphire crystal, which after diamond is the second most scratch resistant material on the planet.

All of this and free shipping to anywhere in the European Union and a two year warranty!


The watch sells at £200 (€249 $284) which I think is reasonable for a timepiece of this quality. It’s a price with is comfortable for most gentlemen and at a nice level for a gift.

Packaging & Presentation

When you buy a quality item you expect the packaging to be of high quality too. What’s on the outside should directly relate to what’s inside, and Nelson Martina have got it right.

There’s a sturdy black cardboard sleeve in which sits the box case. The red tape around the sleeve holds the box in place and refers to the Swiss red which is a nice design continuation.

The box case is a nice weight and very sturdy, again speaking quality.

Inside you’ll find your watch nestled nicely in its padded bed. That’s where you’ll also find your warranty and instruction card.



As with all of the watches I review I set the time by the Speaking Clock. When checking back 24 hours later the watch had maintained perfect time.

The watch feels nice on the wrist and it is neither heavy nor cumbersome. The strap is comfortable, and once on it was easy to forget that I was wearing it, unlike some larger and heavier watches that I own.


If you’re a guy who likes to wear his status on his wrist this might not be the timepiece for you. This, as its name suggests, is a ‘classic’ watch. Excuse the pun but it’s pretty timeless in its design and is unlikely to offend anyone.

If you’re in the market for a well made, good looking watch you should check out Nelson Martinas’ collection of classic watches.

Pro’s & Con’s

The watch is very easy to wear. It looks great and has a very clean look that won’t date.

I like a watch with a date so that aspect appeals to me, as does the simplicity of the face. There is one aspect that does polarise opinion and that’s the numerals. Some people will want numbers rather than hour marks, that’s just how it is. Other watches in this range do have Roman numerals, so if you’re someone who wants something a little easier to read maybe that’s an option for you.

Other than that small aspect I cannot fault this watch. It’s unintrusive, uncomplicated and sophisticated in its design.


Nobody in the team disliked this watch. Matt thought “this is a very classic watch with an elegant strap of thick leather” He also commented that “it has a nice ticking action. Smooth” He also mentioned the lack of numbers, stating “There are no numbers, maybe people don’t need them, most people can tell the time, unless you’re Joey Essex of course”

Kelly mentioned that “It’s sleek and stylish”

Girty told me “It’s very sleek and has a soft comfortable strap” He also liked that fact that it’s water resistant.

And lastly the one you’re all waiting for: The Enigmatic Mr G told commented on the “classic design” but did feel that it was “safe” and “Lacked innovation”. He also said that “It’s not objectionable but it is a bit anodyne”


Overall I’m a fan of this watch. As the name suggests it’s a classic design and it is exactly that. The price point is reasonable and I really like the packaging. I shall be wearing this watch a lot.


To get your exclusive 15% discount, simply select your choice of watch from their collection and use code ‘thatdapperchap’ at checkout. Simple huh! Enjoy your watch!


This is a sponsored post of honest and unbiased opinion



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