What To Pack For A Weekend Away

Craig of That Dapper Chap teams up with Debenhams to get some stuff together for a long weekend away.

We’ve all done it, packed what we think we need only to find that out way too late that the toothbrush is still sitting in its little mug in the bathroom, and those socks we got ready are still sitting on the bed next to our sunglasses!

Debenhams have just launched their Holiday Shop and are offering us a great selection of items to chose from to take with us on our break. It feels so much nicer going away with new stuff doesn’t it!

I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be spending a long weekend in Marrakech very soon and I’m already considering what to pack.

A selection of items that are coming with me to Marrkach

This isn’t a definitive list as everyone has individual needs, and what you pack also depends on the weather you’re expecting when you arrive at your destination. If you’re staying in or coming to the UK however you’ll need to pack for every possible type of weather, from hail storms to searing sun as we have been known to have both in the same day!


My picks from the Debenhams holiday shop: Ben De Lisi Beach TowelShort sleeved shirt by John Rocha
Flip Flops by Mantaray and navy shorts by Maine New England

As I’m going to Marrakech (did I mention that?) I’m focussing on what to take to a location of warmer climes. Even though it’s warm I hear the evenings can be chilly so I’m packing a thin sweater. I’ll also take a smart shirt and a blazer as it’s nice to dress up for an evening meal.

A fun printed shirt is a must and can be worn with jeans or shorts and flip flops. Sunglasses are of course a necessity, and a beach towel is a good option if your destination has a pool or is by the sea. That way you don’t have to be one of those people that always use the hotel towels and then have nothing to dry yourself with after your evening shower!

Here are a couple of lists that I’ve put together for you. You should be able to save them as images and print them so you can tick each item off as you place it lovingly into your suitcase.

A nice outfit from Debenhams for a warm weekend away: Hammond & Co shirt, John Rocha rucksack, sandals and shorts & collection sunglasses



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