What I Wore Today – An Afternoon in White Stuff

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us what he wore today in an outfit from White Stuff

You already know that I’m a huge fan of White Stuff, their quintessential English style and that heartfelt vintage edge that they have and give us each season.

Spring has popped in to say ‘hello’ and while she’s welcome, we’re all hoping that she doesn’t hang around for too long before Summer waltzes in with promises of scorched skin and warm evenings with cold wine and old friends.

The White Stuff ‘Weeds & Wonders’ flat lay as seem on my Instagram page

So to celebrate the Weeds & Wonders that Spring brings with her, I donned my White Stuff outfit, hopped into my 1967 Morris Minor and spent the afternoon enjoying a local park which has its roots in medieval history.

Arriving at the park and in ‘Doris’ my 1967 Morris Minor

This park has had the benefit of a significant amount of investment to bring areas back to life

Take a seat, enjoy the view and the warmer weather

This is a look that would be suitable in most modern offices, it’s smart without being too stuffy. It isn’t a suit, but the matching grey ‘Billiard’ herringbone waistcoat and blazer makes it less casual than it could be without them.

The ‘Billiard’ blazer and waistcoat

Standing in front of the original glass house arboretum 

To brighten things up I pulled out some coloured trousers. These are the ‘Hue’ jeans in berry. The ‘Steve’ spotty socks tie the grey and burgundy together and the ‘Harry’ tie continues that colour theme.

Shoes, socks, shirt and tie all from White Stuff

My discarded woven stripe scarf

I’m already in love with these chocolate brown suede shoes. Called ‘Jimmy’ they’re made from sturdy suede and have leather piping around the edges. They’re also super comfy.

The shirt is another new fave. It fits well and has a nice feel to it. This is the ‘Tennon’ dobby shirt in a soft berry colour. It’s pure cotton and has a contrast stitching which adds that bit of additional interest that White Stuff are famous for. 

A closer look at the ‘Harry’ nep tie

After enjoying a spring afternoon walk in the park, admiring the architecture and the new life that thrusts itself from the soil with new renewed vigor we made our way back to the car. It quickly became apparent that she wanted to stay and she refused to start! With a swift tinker and a gentle nudge we got her working again and we were on our way home.

The original clock tower stands at the edge of where a stately home once stood

I could spend hours enjoying this beautiful historic park

The ‘Jimmy’ shoes really are very comfortable

I love the chambray details on the cuffs of this shirt

The warmer weather had me removing me scarf

Every guy needs a great bag and the ‘Mikey’ leather satchel is roomy enough for most things

The burgundy tie picks up the colour of the ‘Hue’ jeans

White Stuff are offering some great menswear this season

Taking time out to enjoy the views

The White Stuff ‘Jake’ double prong belt

Ready to go but Doris had other ideas

Magnolia in bloom

Getting Doris back into a good working order


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