That Dapper Chap Meets Joe Browns

Craig of That Dapper Chap wears clothing by Joe Browns and tell us about this interesting brand

Meet Joe Browns

Joe Browns is a brand that I’ve liked for a couple of years now but never got around to buying from. There’s no store near me and I like to see the clothes and get a feel for the sizing before I buy.

The people at Joe Browns are crazy about creating really unique clothing and take influences from all over the globe and there’s always something different on offer to other stores on the high street.

My Joe Browns outfit flatlay as seen on my Instagram page

Joe Browns main thing is pattern and colour. Nobody can say they are a shy and retiring brand. For people who aren’t afraid to dress a little out of the norm, embrace quirky bold prints and enjoy their individuality, Joe Browns is a brand you MUST check out.

Walking the Joe Browns way

I chose a navy blazer with a matching waistcoat that has a pink check. While not dramatically daring, the pink check adds a little something extra and some additional interest. The waistcoat has a collar which gives it a vintage feel, which is another element that Joe Browns embraces and does very well.

Joe Browns style head to toe

While the jacket and blazer have a subtle twist this shirt really makes a statement. In the write up online it says this shirt “has a subtle floral print” Now, I’ve seen subtle and this ain’t it! Maybe by Joe Browns standards it is subtle as they do offer other shirts that are way more fun and funky than this one.

I chose it due to it’s pink elements as it helped pick out the pink check in the jacket and create a cohesive look.

A close look at the shirt and tie (tie not Joe Browns)

The pink check on the jacket and waistcoat really makes a statement

To help bring the look to life and inject some additional personality I accessorised with the Joe Browns feather lapel pin, bracelets and a trouser chain. The tie makes the outfit a tad more formal and its colour helps keep the look together.

#cuffporn showing off the leather hook bracelet

It’s all in the details with Joe Browns and the mis matched buttons

I could easily have chosen to wear jeans with this look and it would have worked just as well. Instead I opted for navy chinos. I did get a size smaller than I usually get as I was advised that Joe Browns sizes are quite ‘generous’ I also chose a size smaller in the shirt, jacket and waistcoat and they fit very well. So, please bare this in mind when you order.

A look suitable for the office or for the pub

The feather lapel pin adds a unique touch

I love the burgundy desert boots. I’ve never seen anything like them before and they fit like a dream and are super comfortable. I love the navy contrasting heel and laces and the patch on the top eyelet. Again, like the mismatched buttons on the jacket,  the attention to detail makes them more interesting than they could have been.

The burgundy desert boots with navy details

The hand crafted watch strap continues the colour story

Burgundy and navy, a great colour scheme for this season

The trouser chain with its feather charm links in with the feather lapel pin

Spring is in the air so check out the spring range at Joe Browns now

Even the back of the waistcoat is patterned maintaining that interest

Walking back to happiness in cool colours and funky print shirt

A close look at the pattern on the Joe Browns Shirt

If you like the look, see more on the Joe Browns website or click the links below


‘Must Have’ Burgundy suede desert boots – Joe Browns £54.95

Burgundy Cotton Socks – Uniqlo 3 for £10.00

‘Wear Them Your Way’ Trousers – Joe Browns £39.95

‘Perfect Pattern Shirt’ – Joe Browns £34.95

‘Fun & Funky’ Blazer – Joe Browns £94.95

‘Fun & Funky’ Waistcoat  – Joe Browns £44.95

Feather Lapel Pin – Joe Browns £4.95

Leather Hook Bracelet – Joe Browns £9.95

Bead Bracelets – Homemade

Trouser Chain – Homemade

Classic Watch – Daniel Wellington £149.00

Burgundy Knitted Tie – Next £10.00 Similar here

Handmade Burgundy Leather Watch Strap – Price on request – BWeiss Leather

Burgundy Leather Satchel – The Cambridge Satchel Company £200.00



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