Blazers, Sport Coats and Suits Jackets – What You Need to Know

Craig of That Dapper Chap looks at the difference between Suit jackets, Blazers and Sport Coats, so we all know what’s what

I’ve now lost count of the amount of times that I’ve been asked what the difference is between a blazer and a regular jacket or what makes a blazer a blazer. Add a sports coat into the mix and confusion reigns supreme. So, I’ll now hopefully dispel any fears you may have had of wearing the wrong jacket at the wrong event or heaven forbid, wearing it with the wrong thing.

The Suit Jacket

Let’s start with the regular jacket. A jacket is part of a suit. Simple as that. It is usually quite structured and well-tailored and is often made from lighter weight fabrics, although I do have a couple of heavy wool suits, modern ones tend to be made from a mix of fabrics such as wool, viscose and polyester.

As you might guess a suit jacket comes with matching trousers and sometimes a waistcoat. While I have been known to wear a suit jacket and the matching waistcoat with chinos or jeans, this is somewhat frowned upon, so if you’re unsure if it looks okay leave the jacket with its partners and wear a blazer or sports coat instead. Pockets are built in and will have either a jetted, welt or flap pocket.

Suit ny Next with matching trousers and waistcoat

The Sports Coat

A sports coat is a slightly different animal in that it is less structured and tailored than the suit jacket. As the name suggests it was traditionally worn for ‘sporting’ events, usually hunting, shooting or fishing. Traditional sports coats often had a leather patch on the shoulder where one rested ones rifle while shooting pheasants and such.

Often with patch pockets, the sports coat is a similar size and shape to the suit jacket but is usually made from a heavier fabric like tweed or corduroy. It’s seen as a more ‘casual’ jacket and doesn’t come with matching trousers. A Sport coat will sometimes have woven leather buttons and elbow patches.

A sports coat looks great with jeans or a less formal trousers like cords.

Jaeger Sport Coat £225.00 with leather buttons

In wool check fabric with elbow patches

The Blazer

Now on to the blazer.  Again a tad more on the casual side of the suit jacket it is more tailored than a sports coat, so it’s somewhere in between.  With its roots in naval soil (or water) they traditionally have brass buttons but these have been replaced these days in favour of horn or plastic buttons. Often part of a uniform, blazers are worn by various clubs and school students.

More often than not they’ll have flap pockets but patch pockets are a traditional feature too. A very versatile jacket, blazers can look great with cords, jeans, chinos or smart trousers.

The Billiard Herringbone Blazer by White Stuff £140.00

Well, I hope that’s put your minds at rest and given you the information you need to impress at parties and to make sure you know what to wear and when!

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