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Craig of That Dapper Chap looks to Just Sheepskin for cosy toes this winter.

So, we’re in the middle of January, snow, sleet, hail and rain are making us cold and miserable. In these situations I need comfort, comfort food, hot chocolate, a log fire and a warm and cosy pair of slippers. That’s where Just Sheepskin come in.

My own ‘Eaton’ slippers as seem on my Instagram page

With a variety of great slippers on offer for men, women and kids my favorite are those made with Harris Tweed and I’m lucky enough to now own a pair.

They offer two versions, with a back or backless. The backless ones are okay if you’re forever slipping them on and off and it makes things easier however I opted for the full slipper and can vouch for the fact that they are some of the cosiest and stylish slippers I have ever owned!

The ‘Russel’ backless Harris Tweed slipper

Time to put my feet up

Established in 2002 Just Sheepskin are now one of the top sheepskin footwear brands in the UK. The backless ‘Russel‘ slippers are priced at £55.00 and the full slipper ‘Eaton‘ which I have are £60.00. Both are well worth the money and they will last you years.

The cosy ‘Eaton’ sheepskin slippers

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