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Craig of That Dapper Chap shows off his Alston Craig vintage leather phone wallet from Tuff Luv

Every other iPhone I see has a smashed screen. They are expensive to replace, and fiddly and time consuming if you do it yourself with a replacement screen from Ebay, like my buddy Sam did. So, to keep your phone safe you need a good case.

Great, you now have  phone case, but you also have to carry your wallet right? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that does both?

Meet Tuff Luv your one stop shop for any case you’ll ever need for your phone, tablet, e-reader, camera, MP3 player or laptop and more.

My vintage leather Alston Craig iPhone case wallet from Tuff Luv 

I chose the Alston Craig Vintage leather phone case and wallet for the iPhone 6 and I already love it. With its olive striped fabric interior it has space for all your cards and notes too. Not only this but it has a built in security system, and has an RFID card skimming blocker in the lining to keep your contactless card safe from sneaky thieves.

Not only does the case look great but the box looks pretty cool too

Open the case and it’s like a regular wallet, but the difference is that the Alston Craig wallet holds your iPhone in place magnetically so it can easily be pulled out and popped back in at will. No trying to speak on your phone with a flap in your face like you get with some phone cases!

The magnets are quite strong so there’s no fear of opening the case and your phone smashing to the floor.

A large money pouch hold all your notes in place

Classy and timeless, the Alston Craig leather case

At £64.99 it’s a great product for the price, and if you were to be victim of card skimming, that’s only two £30 purchases made by the thief until this price is reached!

Not only that but there’s currently free worldwide shipping on this product, so what are you waiting for?

A look at the inside of the iPhone case



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