Product Review – The Lord Timepieces ‘Classic Silver’ Watch

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the ‘Classic Silver’ watch from Lord Timepieces.


The ‘Classic Silver’ watch from Lord Timepieces



 For todays product review we’re looking at the ‘Classic Silver‘ watch from Lord Timepieces, a London based company who claim to sell ‘Luxury timepieces at affordable prices’


Wearing my Classic Silver watch with clean face and electric blue hands

Made from stainless steel the Classic Silver watch has a Japanese quartz movement. The watch has a 40mm ivory white face with unique electric blue hands which add personality and interest to the piece. The strap is fully and easily adjustable and it is part of the Lord Timepieces unique line.


 Here’s where Lord Timepieces have their USP as all of their watches are easy on the wallet. Prices currently range from £50 ($71USD) to £130 ($185USD).

 The ‘Classic Silver’ watch sits at the lower end of this scale at £65 ($92USD) which is incredibly reasonable.

My Classic Silver watch, a reasonable price for a very nice watch


Packaging & Presentation

The packaging is good for the price point. The watch arrived in a sturdy black box with the brand name proudly stamped on the front of the box in silver.

The watch itself was nestled in a laser cut foam cushion to protect it on its journey.

You’ll also find a business card in the box offering a 20% discount on your next purchase and a neat little envelope which contains a Z-Card manual detailing everything you need to know about the watch, including winding, water resistancy and what to check if the watch stops working.

The packaging that you can expect from Lord Timepieces


As with all watch reviews I set the time by that of the speaking clock which itself is set to greenwich meantime.  24 hours later and the watch had kept perfect time.  I did notice that over the course of the week however the watch did gain around a minute in time.

The watch is very comfortable to wear, it is lightweight and easy to put on one handed. It doesn’t get in the way at all and once on I forgot it was there.

I was a little concerned that the metal strap may snag the hairs on my arm but it didn’t, which was great.

It’s easy to adjust the fitting and will suit most wrist sizes.

A look at the easily adjustable strap clip



If you’re a guy who likes to wear his wealth on his sleeve, maybe this isn’t the watch for you. It’s very understated and not ostentatious in any way. It doesn’t scream at you, and is happy to sit politely on your wrist and be there when you need it.

If you’re looking for something classic and easy on the eye, maybe it’s one that you should add to your ‘buy it now’ list.

A look at the watch in its entirety

Pro’s & Con’s

It’s simplicity and classic style is a major plus for me. It’s just a nice uncomplicated timepiece that could be worn by anyone.

This particular model has no numbers which I know is an issue for some people as they can sometimes find it difficult to read. If this is the case there are two other versions of the Classic watch with numbers at the six and twelve that may work for you. These are the Classic Brown and the Classic Black/Silver and may suit your needs better.

The Classic Brown and the Classic Black/Silver


The team were impressed with the watch for the price tag that it comes with.

Cindy commented “I really like it, it’s a good looking watch” and added “If you ever get bored of it, you know where I am!”

Harry also liked the watch and said “I like the face but if I was to buy a watch with a metal strap I’d like something a bit more substantial” He went on to say “The blue hands are sick”

Simple elegance and uncluttered style



Overall this is a great watch for the price. What you get is what you see. No fuss, no frills. Just a simple, clean and classy watch.

The price suits most budgets and it’s unlikely to offend anyone with is clean lines and uncluttered face.

The Classic Silver watch will make a nice valentines gift for that man in your life so get yours today.

Styles with a classic grey sweatshirt and blue jeans




Thank you for reading my review 🙂


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