ICE City: Casually Elegant With Classic Style

Craig of That Dapper Chap takes a look at the new range of Ice Watches

If you’re a gent who’s into watches or you know a man who is, you might be interested to learn that Ice-Watch is launching sixteen new designs.

The designs are a little different to those you may have seen previously from Ice-Watch. It’s a more pared-down style, very classic, un-fussy and some might say elegant.

For those of us that like to switch up our watch straps, they all come with a leather strap, but you also get a nylon nato band and a little tool to help you easily switch between the two straps. Versatility and class!

My green faced ‘Oakwood’ Ice City Watch £100

Now available in over 75 countries, Ice-Watch have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2007 and now offer in excess of 500 styles of watch, so you’re sure to find at least one design that you like.

Great packaging from Ice City Watch

Wearing my new watch with pride

Make your choice

Your steel cased watch can be personalized to you. You are able to choose from:

  • A 36 mm or a 41 mm watch
  • A dial with 12 numerals or with just the 12 and the 6
  • The strap: Choose from 4 colors of leather but also receive a free nylon Nato band
The ‘Durham’ Ice City watch £100

The Ice City ‘Glasgow’ watch £100

The Ice City ‘Leyton’ watch £100

The Ice City ‘Cottage’ Watch £100

The Ice City ‘Preston’ Watch £100

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