The Detroit Comb

Craig of That Dapper Chap adds a Detroit comb to his armoury of grooming tools

Detroit Comb Company was co-founded by Jeremy Yagoda and Michael Snyder in 2014. The idea to locally manufacture stainless steel combs in Detroit was born from a conversation about the manufacturing history of the City of Detroit. Jeremy wondered why so many manufacturers left Detroit then asked why they couldn’t make something in Detroit.

Each Detroit Comb starts as a sheet of 304 stainless steel in their manufacturing facility just south of 8 Mile Road in the City of Detroit. Each stainless steel sheet is laser cut to produce each style of comb offered by Detroit Comb. Each comb is then hand finished and then manually stamped.

Every Detroit Comb is produced, laser cut and finished in the USA.Detroit Combs are a permanent replacement for plastic combs. In a world where more and more things are made cheaply in Asia and elsewhere, Detroit Comb is a breath of fresh air.

When people think of a comb it’s something that’s often paid little respect, after a life of using cheaply made, low quality combs that far from impress.

“We couldn’t be more pleased about our launch and more confident in what our combs deliver” commented a spokesman from detroit Comb. “From our product quality, to the level of customer service we deliver, our mission is to exceed expectations. We’re going to see Detroit Comb become the brand people think of when they think of a ‘real mans’ comb”

In addition to combs, they also offer fine leather sheaths in black and brown to beautifully protect your Detroit Comb. Each leather sheath is handmade in the City of Detroit by acclaimed local craftsmen Douglas & Co. who are a family owned company specializing in custom handmade premium leather products.

Detroit Comb currently offer two versions: The “313” comb which features clean round edges and wide teeth spaced well apart which is suitable for all hair textures and lengths including curly, thick, straight and long hair.

Dimensions are approximately 5.30 x 1.30 inches.

Then we have the “The Woodward” comb which features clean straight edges and is a medium tooth comb with teeth spaced fairly close together compared a wide tooth comb and is suitable for medium and fine hair.

Dimensions are approximately 5.30 x 1.30 inches.



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