Racing Green in Prague

Craig wears an outfit by British menswear brand Racing Green and shows us that classic style that you can wear on any city break

The outfit flatlay as seen on Instagram

Prague has been on my wish list for years! I wanted to go at Christmas, I wanted it to snow, and I wanted the streets to be lined with Christmas markets and twinkle with lights in the magical way that only thousands of LED bulbs and some imagination and willingness to believe can conjure.

Unfortunately I booked our city break a little too early and while still stunning in its architecture and majesty, Prague was just on the brink of its Christmas explosion and we missed it. 

The beautiful architecture of Prague’s old Town Square

The Racing Green shirt

A closer look at the dog tooth pattern

The whole Racing Green look

Even when visiting foreign climes I like to make an effort to look good and show people that not every Englishman dresses like he is about to attend a football game or tend to the garden. We are not all beer swilling yobs and while I appreciate that Prague does see it’s fair share of loud mouthed louts on stag weekends, I hope that I made an impression and changed some perceptions among those I interacted with.

My outfit laid out on our hotel room bed

A close look at he herringbone pattern on the Racing Green tie

Standing in the stunning Old Town Square

Racing Green, established in 1990

As soon as I saw this traditional dog tooth blazer and matching waistcoat I had to have it. While, yes, it might be good to have matching trousers so that you have  a full three piece suit, it’s also nice to be forced to team the jacket and waistcoat with other things, such at these jeans.

Even in Autumn I needed my sunglasses

The detailing on the Racing Green jeans

Another view of the Old Town Square

The Church of Our Lady rises in the background

I really like the contrast when wearing jeans by adding a tie and smart long sleeved shirt. It’s a juxtaposition that I feel really works. It shows a person that is professional and considered, but who also knows how to keep things relaxed.

I fell in love with this doorway

Prague’s Old Town Square

Strolling the streets and cafes of Prague

Time for a city break

So, while we missed prague in all of its Christmassy glory we had an incredible time and I cannot recommend it enough. If you do go check out the Residence 7 Angels which is where we stayed. The rooms are adequate (some are better than others) for the price, but even if you do not stay there please, please, please try the venison and dine at their beautiful restaurant. Great food, stunning surroundings and very reasonable prices.

A look at the Racing Green waistcoat

Taking time out to relax is necessary with our busy lifestyles

I’m still in love with my oxblood brogues

A look at the entire Racing Green outfit

A classic brogue in oxblood leather

Beautiful building at every turn

detailing of the Racing Green blazer

City break in style with Racing Green

I really like it when the leaves fall and make a carpet of ochre

Prague, I miss you already but you are still on my list as I didn’t get to quite see you at that special time of year when the magic really comes alive!

Prague, I miss you already and I will return


‘Ferguson’ Oxblood Leather Brogues – Racing Green

Burgundy Socks – Uniqlo

‘Marr’ Stonewash Slim Fit Jeans – Racing Green

‘Liberty’ Geometric Print Shirt

‘Spencer’ burgundy Herringbone Tie – Racing Green

‘Heath’ Puppytooth Blazer – Racing Green

‘Heath’ Puppytooth Waistcoat – Racing Green

‘Hawker Hurricane Watch – AVI-8

‘Perry’ Sunglasses – Oscar Wylee

Tan Leather Gloves – Zara

Thanks for looking in! See you again soon.


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