A Styling Session With American Crew

Craig tests out three products from the range by American Crew available from Mankind.co.uk

Until recently I had not heard of American Crew and the products that they offer us gents. Apparently I’m in the minority as a lot of guys I spoke to were already familiar with the range. Where have I been!?

For this styling challenge Mankind sent me three products from the range: Boost Powder, Forming Cream and Pomade. So that I could get some top tips for you guys on how to use the products I sought help from a top barber and stylist Nick Circelli from the Adam & Eve salon.

The Boost Powder

#OMG!  how on earth have I lived without this product!? Where has it been and who has been keeping it a secret as I need to have a stern word with them! If you buy anything from Mankind make it the Boost Powder. Get it for a friend or partner and they will thank you forever!

The clue is in the name, it’s a fine powder that really does give your hair a boost. Please don’t get this confused with dry shampoo like I did, it isn’t. This magic dust gives hair a gravity defying lift and thickness with a matte finish. It doesn’t get sticky or clumpy as you might thing it could and can be restyled throughout the day. What’s more it can be quickly and simply rinsed out.

Nick started by rinsing my hair in warm water before towel drying it and adding a dab of American Crew Firm Hold Gel and drying the hair with a dryer, adding the parting and styling the hair up and back. 

He then parted the hair in various sections and applied a fine dusting of the powder directly to the roots before using the tips of his fingers in a circular claw-like motion to spread the powder throughout the roots and lift and separate the hair.

Nick Circelli applying the Boost Powder to flat lifeless hair

Nick then styled my hair using a combination of fingers and brush to create a less structured more casual look. One with height and texture that wont collapse the second you walk out of the door.

The question is could I recreate the look at home and the answer is yes! I’m no hair stylist but the product is easy to use and give really good results. This is one item that is now officially a staple grooming product at That Dapper Chap.

Nick reaches for his brush to finish the style

Height and texture using the American Crew Boost Powder

A look less formal and perfect for the weekend

Give your hair height with the American Crew Boost Powder

Buy you Boost Powder HERE £14.50 for 10g

The Forming Cream

The Forming Cream is a white, slightly fibres texture product that gives texture and control to many looks both modern and classic. It provides high hold and remains pliable. It won’t go crispy and gives a more natural, healthy look to the hair. Again it’s a water based product that rinses out easily while providing conditioning qualities to the hair. All of this and a great clean smell too!

After rinsing the Boost Powder out of my hair, Nick again applied a dab of the Firm Hold Gel to my towel dried barnett before blowing drying it as before. Taking a dollop of the Forming Cream on his finger (see amount below) he then spread the product in both palms before evenly distributing in across my hair. 

Nick then set about pulling the style together creating a more formal and controlled look, using a comb to bring the hair up and back while creating a sharp parting. The product is quite light meaning that it allows you to retain some height in your look.

Nick combing the product through my hair

The finished look, smart and well groomed

The forming cream allows you to keep some height

The sharp parting makes for a good formal look

Buy you Forming Cream HERE £13.95 for 85g

The Pomade

If you like a classic slicked back look, the pomade is the product for you. Providing great hold and a high shine it’s great for holding all hair types including very thick, frizzy or curly hair.  Like the forming cream, there’s no crispiness of stiffness and the product remains pliable throughout the day.

One other thing to note is that it’s water based and wont take a week of shampooing to get rid of it! In fact it rinses cleanly out of the hair! No stress, no fuss. It smells great too. Very fresh and sophisticated.

So, I was once again back at the wash basin having my hair rinsed before Nick repeated the process of gel and drying. When that was complete, he took a dollop of the Pomade (see amount below) and as with the Forming Cream, he distributed across his palms, warming the products before applying it to my hair.

After making sure there was adequate product at the root he proceeded to smooth the product over the top of my hair, making sure all of the ends were covered.  After this he took his brush and created a very sleek, smooth look that wouldn’t be out of place on any red carpet of James Bond movie.

Nick makes sure that all of the ends are covered and laying flat

Combing and brushing creates this slick party look

Party perfect, slicked back hair and velvet blazer

Mr Bond the red carpet and Martini awaits

The American Crew pomade gives a sophisticated finish

Get your Pomade HERE £13.45 for 85g





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