That Dapper Chap X White Stuffs Hidden Haven

That Dapper Chap collaborates with White Stuff and takes part in their Hidden Havens campaign for AW15.

Why Are They Called White Stuff?

Everyone I speak to asks “Where does the name ‘White Stuff‘ come from?” Let me explain: White Stuff was founded in 1985, by George Treves and Sean Thomas – two ski buffs who first sold their ‘Boys from the White Stuff’ (snow, skiing, white stuff – get it?) T-shirts to pay for their skiing habit. 25 years on, and they now sell awesome men’s & women’s clothes as well as accessories and home stuff.

White stuff, stuff if pretty different to other stores on the high street. All of their unique prints are designed in house. They love colour, but “nothing shouty or brash. We don’t want to dress like our kids”, and “we don’t do black. It doesn’t make us happy”

A selection of menswear from the current AW15 range

The folk at White Stuff are obsessed with detail. Prints inspired by a notebook in Tokyo, sausage dogs embroidered onto trouser pockets, hearts etched into buttons on sleeves.

Hidden Havens

For Autumn Winter 2015, White Stuff is running a campaign competition called ‘Hidden Havens’ where customers can upload pictures of their favourite places. So, for your chance to win a luxury stay with Forest Holidays simply send over a picture of your favourite idyllic spot.

That Dapper Chap X White Stuff

For this shoot I chose items from the White Stuff AW15 range and then set about creating my own ‘Hidden Haven’ at a spot, which I have visited and loved, since I was a small child.

My Hidden Haven, a quiet and relaxing spot on the shore line

ready for Autumn on my White Stuff outfit

Always follow the foot path!

enjoying a much needed cup of rosey lee

The Shoes

So, starting at the bottom, I chose the ‘Arthur‘ tan leather brogues. I love the colour firstly but the thick sole is perfect for the coming weather. The lining inside has that quirky White Stuff feel and they are incredibly comfortable too. 

comfortable ‘lucky soles’ in these White Stuff Brogues

The stunning shoreline and countryside

Beautiful thick soled brogues, perfect for autumn

Under things

Every bloke needs good underthings! I went for the bicycle boxer shorts and the Canard duck socks (2 pack). Again, both fit well and are comfortable to wear

Wash day ‘blues’ with White Stuff boxer shorts and socks

In the pink, wearing my bicycle boxers

There’s nothing quite like washing in the open air

Smartening my act up with a close shave

The Trousers

I wanted to go for something a bit smarter than jeans but not something too dressy. These are the ‘Weaver‘ trousers, woven in a spotted design, in a five pocket jean style, they also have a fun book print internal detail. 

I’m not the tallest of blokes so these are a tad too long for me and I have to say that the sizing is a little off, as I had to buy a 32″ waist, when I am most definitely a 34″ so bear that in mind when ordering.

The entire White Stuff look including vintage case

A closer look at the detail on the trousers and boxers

If you have an open fire you have to toast crumpets!

Perfectly British, crumpets and brogues

The Shirt

White stuff have a lot of fun printed shirts and while there were a few that caught my eye, I went in the end for the ‘Zeppo‘ slim fit shirt, featuring an intricate print, a chest pocket and contrast stitching.

Again I had to order a size smaller than I’m used to and this is a small. It’s finished with striped and spotted trims and the White Stuff Gentlemen’s Relish fork and spoon button.

Tent up, tea poured and time to relax

A closer look at detail on the Zeppo shirt

The white stuff shirt and waistcoat, a perfect match

Beach and woodland for miles, what’s not to love

With White Stuff its all about prints and those details

The Waistcoat

As soon as I saw this ‘Gents‘ Waistcoat in my local store, I had to have it. All of my waistcoats are either part of a suit or in a tweed or wool fabric. This one is very different and is made in a very heavy cotton fabric.

In a 100% cotton twill, it has an antique style brass adjuster at the back and five button fastenings. I tried the small and the medium and while I bought the shirt in a small, I opted for a medium in the waistcoat which just shows the importance of trying things on.

The waistcoat is one of my favourite pieces from this outfit

A beautiful view is just around every corner

The details of the waistcoat and pocket watch
More tea vicar? of course!

The Jacket

I know right now, that this ‘Welford‘ jacket is quickly going to become an absolute favourite over the next few months! 

I just love the heavy, rich wool tweed and vintage style and can imagine my Grandad having owned this for years and wearing it while tending his allotment.

While not part of a suit, there is a matching waistcoat available which is now on my Christmas list!

It’s the quirky details that also really draw me in and I love the mismatched buttons on the sleeve and the felt inside breast pocket. The attention to detail is second to none.

The contrast collar matches the colour of the scarf beautifully

The jacket hangs on the chair while I tend the fire

If you take tea it has to be poured from a vintage flask

Strolling the shoreline where amber is often washed up

The owl pin that is complementary with the jacket

The vintage detailing of the Welford jacket

Hidden havens and hidden details

The mismatched button on the jacket sleeve

Other Bits

We all need a great bag, be it a courier bag, man bag, messenger bag, satchel or whatever you want to call it. I chose this one as it went perfectly with the look and colour scheme of this outfit.

This is the ‘Canvas Satchel‘ and is made from heavy duty canvas and leather. The buckles are fully functioning and not just for show like some other bags out there. It’s well made and has enough space for most of your daily bits and bobs. With a shoulder strap and a handle it is very versatile. It seems they thought of everything.

The leather and canvass satchel with working buckles

The pocket watch isn’t from White Stuff but it suited this vintage style look really well. From Rapport London it’s an open faced gold plated quartz watch with date function and a white Roman dial. It comes complete with gold plated chain and a stylish gift box.

It it time for another cup of tea? The Rapport London pocket watch

Ancient trees line this historical shore

When the weather turns colder a good scarf is a must and this ‘David‘ 100% wool example matches this look perfectly. Being pure wool I expected it to feel a little scratch at the neck but its surprisingly soft and didn’t irritate me at all

The ‘David’ wool scarf with autumnal mustard tones
The ‘David’ wool scarf

My pitch for the night. Minimal living
A close up of the leather and canvas satchel

Everything I need for a relaxing break from reality

My Hidden Haven

I have been coming here to this particular spot, on this coastline for years. My Mother used to bring us here to pick blackberries in the Autumn and to hear the Cuckoo’s in the spring.  More recently my Wife and I came here to pick Sloe Berries so we could make Sloe Gin for our wedding guests. The amount of boiled eggs I’ve eaten here is beyond count as every packed lunch I ate here included one!

Known locally as ‘The Lairs’ it is a site of outstanding natural beauty, beside the River Orwell in sleepy Suffolk. I did a lot of growing up here and spend many hours building dens with friends and sharing teenage angst and beer ‘borrowed’ from someone’s Dad. 

We laughed, we shared our woes, we cried and argued and was even once chased by the farmer after picking corn from his field. We stayed by our beach fire until the moon was high in the sky and talked with bravado on our moon lit trek home, all the while feeling distinctly terrified by the mysterious noises that we heard all around us. 

Maybe they weren’t just animal noises that we heard on our walks home in the darkness, as it is said that these grounds are haunted. There are many stories of sounds of horses hooves and sightings of a white figure on horseback. Historically this shore played host to the notorious Margaret Catchpole

Margaret was a horse thief and gail breaker, known to help smugglers bring their ill gotten gains to the land. Once captured she was transferred to Australia where it is said that she never returned. But maybe she does return to ride her horse across the shore, escaping from her ghostly captors. 

I never saw Margaret but I did see the sun set in stunning hues of gold over the water and as the fire died, I took my last sip of tea from my flask and sighed in the knowledge that I would soon be heading back to reality.

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