Product Review – Harding Watches

That Dapper Chap reviews two watches available from Swiss watch brand Harding Watches

Yours truly modelling the Jetstream watch. Photo by Matt Brooke

Meet Harding Watches

In April 2013, seven friends came together in Basel, Switzerland to forge their plans to introduce a new brand of timepiece. Overlooking the banks of the river Rhine in a city known for its legendary watch fair each of seven friends brought to the table a key piece of great swiss tradition, from design to manufacture, sales to distribution. One year later Harding was born.

Harding is based in Uri, Switzerland where they pair timeless techniques with modern craftsmanship creating a range of watches for gentlemen and adventurers alike.


The range of ‘Jetstream’ watches

The Product

Harding produce specific watch types: the Aquapro, the Speedmax and the Jetstream each with it’s own distinct look and functionality and different designs and colours.


From left to right: Aquapro, Jetstream and Speedmax


This product review will focus on the Silver Aquapro HA0405 and the blue jetstream HJ0202.



My Jetstream and Aquapro watches

The Aquapro Details

Diameter 46.5mm

Height 13.5mm

Steel Quality: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Case: Brushed Steel

Bezel: 90 Click Unidirectional rotating Aluminium

Crystal: Anti Reflective Crystal

Waterproof: 100M

Dial: Silver/Luminous Index/Red

Crown: Steel

Strap: Brushed Steel

Buckle: Double Locking Deployment Clasp

Warranty: 3 Years

Movement: Japanese Quartz Chronograph With Calendar

A closer look at the Aquapro HA0405

The Jetstream Details

Diameter 46.5mm

Height 13mm

Steel Quality: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

Case: Brushed Steel

Case Back: Screw Down

Bezel: Fixed Polished Steel

Crystal: Anti Reflective Crystal

Waterproof: 100M

Dial: Blue/Luminous Arabic (Blue)

Crown: Steel

Strap: Allergen Free Genuine Leather

Buckle: Pin Steel

Warranty: 3 Years

Movement: Japanese Automatic Hand Wound With Calendar


A close up of the Jetstream HJ0202


Both watches retain at €490/£356/$549. Not too pricey and they are both very nice watches.



Packaging & Presentation


The packaging is very impressive. Each watch is placed around an oval velvet cushion before being inserted into a very sturdy branded plastic box before being wrapped in tissue paper and inserted into another very sturdy cardboard box.


The packaging makes this product feel way more special than the price tag and I was very impressed with the quality of it considering that it will most likely be discarded by most of us.


The watches were sent to me without any instruction manuals. While I am familiar with these type of watches, others may not be and some of the functions, particularly on the Aquapro may be confusing to work out.


Having said this, there is a slot at the back of the plastic box which, to me feels like it should contain the warranty card and instruction manual. Failing that, you can download one from the Harding website HERE





Both watches work perfectly. I set both watches by the speaking clock and they kept perfect time 24 hours later, both with each other and the speaking clock when I checked back in.


The clasps are sturdy and I had no worry about either of them failing.


The Jetstream watch is pretty basic in function, showing time in hours and five minute intervals and the date. It also has a ticking second hand.


The Aquapro is a bit more intricate for those guys that like watches that ‘do stuff’ along with the time, date and ticking second hand it also has a stopwatch and a rotary dial allowing the wearer to set two different times on the one watch. Great for the frequent travellers among us.






A watch fan or collector will appreciate both of these watches for different reasons but with these distinctly different models, I do feel that they may appeal to different people. The Jetstream for example is a bit more classic in it’s design and functionality. With its leather strap it’s a less intrusive example.


The Aquapro is for the more sporty among us, it’s chunkier, heavier and more ‘in your face’ than the Jetstream. I like both of them and will wear them with different outfits, depending on the look that I’m aiming for.



Pro’s & Con’s


I like that both of these watches feel substantial on the wrist, you know you’re wearing it, particularly the Aquapro as it is heavier than any other watch I own. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t cumbersome but I was more aware of it, when with other watches I am not. I do feel that it would be heavy for some wearers.


While the range of watches is good I was a little confused by the differences in designs within each of the three design categories (Jetstream, Aquapro & Speedmax) as they are very different. If the watch designs within each of the three categories were more alike each design would feel more cohesive. For example the Aquapro HA0101 is a totally different watch from the HA0405. This is in no was a negative, but simply an observation.


The range of Aquapro watches, very different in design.
The Speedmax HS0304


The Jetstream HJ0301



The team were particularly impressed with the quality of the packaging. They were split on which was their favorite of the two watches. The people in the Jetstream camp loved the blue face and the clear numbering while in the Aquapro camp, people loved the ‘gadgety’ side of its functionality with its buttons and dials.




Overall, Harding have it right. They are offering a range of good quality watches that will appeal to a wide audience at a reasonable price.


When you get yours be sure to post a picture to Instagram and use the hashtags #ThatDapperChap, #HardingWatches and #TimeToThrill. Also tag @That_Dapper_Chap and @HardingWatches and we’ll find you!






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  1. September 16, 2015 / 4:50 pm

    I have to ask: where did you buy the bracelet on the picture, ahah??

    • craig
      August 21, 2017 / 7:13 pm

      Hi Andre,

      Apologies for the late reply! It’s actually hand made. It’s a one off.

  2. Patrick Harding
    August 21, 2017 / 7:07 pm

    I bought a Jetstream Harding watch less than a year ago. It doesn’t keep great time. I lose about two-four minutes every week or so. When I don’t wear it for a day, it stops completely, so buyers should look to acquire an automatic watch winder.
    The band deteriorated right in the middle of one of the straps and broke after about 8 months of wearing it. When Harding customer service was called, I was told that they did not have replacement bands for their watches. (What?!?)
    Not a big fan of Harding watches, I must say. They give the family a bad name. 😉

    • craig
      August 21, 2017 / 7:14 pm

      Hi Patrick,

      Oh! Sorry to hear that! I’ve had absolutely no trouble with either of my watches and they’re still working perfectly. No strap issues either.

  3. TEB
    June 7, 2018 / 9:45 am

    I just got the watch, it looks well made, but the only thing is the strap was made in China, not sure the watch is made in china or not?