5 staple shoes every man needs

That Dapper Chap looks at the five essential shoes that every man should own


Whether you have a fetish for footwear and have shoes piled high in your home or you take a more minimalist approach to stocking up on these fashion items, there are certain styles of footwear that you must have in your collection. So that you don’t miss out on the essentials, take a look at the five staple shoes that all men should have

1) Brown leather brogues

Originating from Ireland, brogues are truly iconic shoes. With their decorative perforations and elegant shape, they work perfectly with a range of ensembles. According to footwear specialists Anatomic, brown brogues are ideal for creating the genteel country look. These versatile creations tread the line between smart and casual, meaning they can be teamed up with anything from jeans and chinos to suit trousers. 

‘Gabriel’ Brogue Shoe – £119.95

2) Black business shoes

Whether you’re trying to give the perfect business pitch, you’re keen to impress in an interview or you simply want to look smart for the office, a pair of black business shoes will be your best friend. Lace ups or slip-ons can work equally well. The important thing is that this footwear has a nice sheen and is the perfect shape to be worn with smart trousers.

‘Davi’ Lace Up Shoes – £134.95

3) Winter boots

Let’s face it, Britain isn’t usually known for its blistering sunshine. When temperatures take a tumble in this part of the world, a sturdy pair of winter boots always comes in handy. Bear in mind, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort during the chilly season. Leather Chelsea boots are a classic case in point, as are smart lace-ups. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer something a little more casual, desert boots may fit the bill.

‘Pedras’ Lace Up Boots – £134.95

4) Sandals

On the rare occasion that the sun does make an appearance, or if you head off on holiday, some sandals will be essential. For the chilled out look, a pair of casual flip flops could work perfectly. Alternatively, if you want something a little more dapper, smart designs featuring leather uppers may be better. As well as helping to keep you cool when temperatures climb, these summer essentials have the added benefit of being easy to pack away in suitcases or holdalls when you set off on summer sojourns.

‘Sabino’ Sandals – £64.95

5) Trainers

Last but not least, you’re bound to need a decent pair of trainers. If you’re into sports, your collection may include a range of specialist shoes, but as a bare minimum, you should have a comfy pair of fashion trainers that you can wear when you want to relax at the weekends. A good pair shouldn’t date, so it’s wise to steer clear or wacky colours and styles and instead stick to classic colours and designs. White always works well, but if you want something more understated, brown, black or navy could be ideal.

‘Serra’ Trainers – £89.95

By covering these five bases, you can be confident that you’ll have the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion. Whether you’re walking the dog, taking a drive, doing a day at the office or attending a wedding, you’ll have footwear that fits the bill.



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