That Dapper Chap introduces us to a range of colourful ties handmade in Guatemala and offers readers a special discount.

A short time ago I commented on a fellow Instagrammers picture in which he wore a bright orange tie which grabbed my attention. After I left the comment I received a lovely email from the company that made the tie: Korβáta. A couple of weeks later and I have my own orange tie!

The instagram image that grabbed my attention
Image property of TheDressedChest

About Korβáta

In Korβáta a tie is not merely an accent piece or an afterthought. Their hand-woven ties tell a story. When the thread is woven, the rich history and heritage of the Mayan people are woven along with it. That is because each thread has been put in place by the hands of a Mayan woman whose efforts preserve Guatemala’s textile traditions. All of their collections are limited edition. Crafted from 100% cotton, each hand woven pattern is unique, never to be duplicated. Korβáta’s ties and bow ties are for the man who knows quality when he sees it, loves old world tradition but isn’t afraid to dress for the 21st century.

The ‘Laguna De Ipala’ bow tie $35.00

Korβáta’s story begins by the serendipitous meeting of two entrepreneurs. Both of Guatemalan descent, they found a shared love for their country, the beauty of its land, the Mayan culture and Guatemalan art. Combining their talents and efforts, they started a small artisan project and named the company Korβáta. Our work has been most gratifying because we have not only brought our dream to fruition but are helping to sustain Guatemala’s rich weaving history and providing work for those in rural areas of Guatemala.

I’m an instant fan of their individuality. They are like nothing I’ve seen before and that really appeals to me. Do they appeal to you too? If so read on for a discount!

My Laguna LagoYolnabaj bow tie modelled by Dave the mannequin 

The ‘Laguna De Chicabal’ bow tie $35.00

My new Laguna De Peten Itza tie styled up 

The ‘Laguna De Amatitlan’ tie $40.00

The ‘Lago De Izabal’ tie $40.00

The guys at Korβáta are offering That Dapper Chap readers an exclusive 10% discount. All you have to do is click HERE to go to the Korbata page at Amazon and use code DAPPER10 at checkout



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