The Denim Jeans Style Challenge – Look Four

That Dapper Chap shares the fourth look in the denim style challenge, creating five very different looks from just two pairs of jeans.

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Welcome to the fourth edition in this denim jean style challenge, where I am creating five distinct styles with just two pairs of jeans from If you haven’t already read the details of the challenge or the very interesting denim survey results by Burton Menswear, find it HERE

All photography by the very talented Ian Clark of PhotoByIan, check out his other work HERE

The two pairs of jeans from that I used for the challenge

Look Four – Date Night

So, you’ve plucked up the courage to ask that special person out on a date and s/he has said yes! The table is booked and the flowers have been ordered but what are you going to wear!?

For the fourth in this series of looks I’m going to show you how to wear jeans for date night. Jeans keep things more informal than it would if you were to wear a suit. Of course this very much depends on the location of the date, but if it’s the cinema and a meal at a local restaurant then jeans are a very good option.

The perfect look for date night, smart but informal

My oxblood leather brogues, classic and comfortable

So, of course I chose the smart jeans from and available HERE for £35.00. Keeping it classy and classic I chose a pair of oxblood leather brogues. Promise me never to wear training shoes for a date please. Shoes tell a person a lot about a man. Whatever you may want to think, first impressions do matter!

On top I opted for a statement shirt, something that says, ‘I am confident and have a personality’ but isn’t too crazy to scare people off. This shirt is a red and blue micro floral and comes with a matching navy tie.  Keeping with that red and blue theme I added a silk pocket square. This adds detail and interest to the navy velvet blazer.

polka dot socks add a bit more personality than a plain black pair would

A closer look at the pattern of the shirt and the pocket sqaure

The entire look, just add flowers and maybe a ring?

Add a beaded trouser chain for some additional individuality

I also added a beaded trouser chain, for no other reason than to add some individuality. I could have made it a functional addition by attaching my wallet or keys to it, but wanted it simply as a statement piece. This one was hand made for me by a fellow Instagrammer and I love it.

More details of this Date Night outfit


All photography by Ian Clark. Check out his work at HERE

Find him on Twitter HERE

Find him on Instagram HERE

The Outfit

Oxblood Leather Brogues – Racing Green Now £69.00

Blue Polka Dot Socks – Rock My Socks £8.00

Smart Jeans – Next £35.00

Floral Shirt & Tie Set – Next £28.00

Navy Velvet Blazer – Burton Menswear £90.00

Watch – James McCabe Heritage £179.00

Trouser Chain – Enquiries to The Modern Gentleman

Pocket Square – Ebay

Look out for the final post in this five part series very soon.



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    • April 6, 2015 / 10:13 am


      The location was very cool. It's a studio in London. So many great props too!

    • April 6, 2015 / 10:13 am


      The location was very cool. It's a studio in London. So many great props too!

  1. April 13, 2015 / 9:12 am

    very funnny socks love em!!! DUUUDE is it the first time im commenting your blog ? i just noticed it. After all those years this time that i been following you on the gram. Your blog looks great 🙂

    Cool post! 🙂
    New post on the blog : THE GREAT ESCAPE
    Greets Jon

  2. April 24, 2015 / 8:10 pm

    I've always been a fan of the snazzy look of a sports coat and denim jeans. There is a certain sense of class and dignity in the mix of the two. It is a nice look that isn't tuxedo formal. It is also not as laid back as a T-shirt and jeans.