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That Dapper Chap tells us about his experience at the recent Nescafe Dolce Gusto event and how he ended up on film


A few weeks ago I was invited to an evening at the pleasure of Nescafe Dolce Gusto, they wanted to film a new advertisement and asked if I’d come along and maybe cover the event. Also there for the evening was artist Faizal Lulat who creates amazing pieces of art from people’s conversations.

Artist Faizal Lulat. Image courtesy of where you can find
an interview with the man himself

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Event

Arriving at the Jamaican Coffee House, the oldest coffee house in London, I was greeted by some friendly faces and some I had yet to make the acquaintance of. The place was buzzing with the various conversations of bloggers, all enjoying the free coffee supplied by Dolce Gusto coffee experts.

No sooner was I there that I was sampling some of the delicious coffees available, from the rich Grande Intenso to the incredible Chocochino Caramel, As I sat, enjoying my coffee and watching the film crew do their thing, I was approached by a gentleman. We chatted and he introduced himself as the director. Five minutes later and I was front stage, wearing a mic and having my conversation with Vlogger Fenetta filmed.

Inside the Jamaican Coffee House

Enjoying a glass of something non coffee related with fellow bloggers

Getting mic’d up ready for filming
The film crew work their magic as we enjoy great coffee


Some of the film crew


Me taking a picture of you taking a picture of me! See the end of the ad for my shot

Faizal Lulat

While we were chatting and being filmed, Faizal Lulat was creating some really cool pieces of art. Taking words and quotes directly from our conversations, he turned them from the audible to the visual. Muslim by Heart, British By Birth, and Indian by Nature, January 2015 saw him open up his studio in Camden, central London and he hasn’t looked back since.

Faizal Lulat creating art from conversations

Yours truly with my piece of art from the event

Enjoy the Movie!

Me with my very own Joviva machine

Thank you to Faizal Lulat for my very own signed art work

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