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That Dapper Chap takes us through a full review of some of the colourful and wondrous socks from the new range available from Rock My Socks


While Rock My Socks was launched in 2013, it was just last year (2014) that I became aware of the brand. I’d seen their cool and funky styles on Instagram and after some mutual appreciation we chatted and soon after I was wearing their socks and posting my own Instagram pictures!

Me wearing my blue houndstooth socks £8.00

Based in Victoria, Australia, the guys at Rock My Socks say “Rocks My Socks is about great designs and quirky patterns, created to add a touch of colour to your life and brighten up the world…one foot at a time.”

Airing my new Rock My Socks designs

They go on to say “Rock My Socks lets you express a shade of your individuality with a hint of colour peaking out from that subtle space between shoe and trouser. Or for the bolder and braver among us roll up your slacks, turn up your jeans, or pair off with your shorts and blast electric hues to the universe.

But what inspires them to create such funky footwear? “We’re inspired by new ideas and new challenges, let us inspire your style. Join the fight against boring and add a little creativity to your wardrobe today with mens socks from Rock My Socks.”

Make a statement in these purple and red stripe socks £8.00

While based in Australia, Rock My Socks opened a UK website in February 2015 and will no doubt look to expand on this later in the year. They tell me “This is the first step in our expansion into overseas markets, after a great response both locally and overseas to our Australian website over the first 12 months of the Rock My Socks brand’s launch. We have launched the UK and US sites so that we can tailor content, seasonal offerings and promotions (such as father’s day) to different countries at the relevant times of the year, and sell our product in the local currency and ship to these destinations faster.”

You can buy your socks online now at They are currently still shipping from Australia but that will change in March/April 2015, as they will have local distributors in the US and UK so that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

Made in Korea, the socks have a high cotton content of up to 80% with the majority of pairs being 80% cotton and 20% nylon. Others have 70% cotton, 25% polyester and 5% elastane.

As for sizes, its a ‘one size fits all’ approach with all socks available in EUR 41 – 46, UK 7.5 – 11.5 and US 8 – 12.

Green and white spot £8.00


The price is very reasonable and on a par with other brands offering funky designs like those offered by Rock My Socks. Each pair is £8.00 or $15.00 AUD

Aqua and white spot £8.00

Packaging & Presentation

My socks arrive quickly considering they are came from Australia and each pair were sealed in their own cellophane bag to protect them on their journey.

Each pair, neatly sealed in an individual bag

Each pair of socks is held together with a card tag which is held in place with a single stitch. On the tag, along with the brand name are the washing instructions and materials used along with details of where the product is made. You’ll also find the website here too. Pretty much everything you need.

The packaging isn’t flashy, it’s functional. This isn’t a high end product so the packaging doesn’t need to be any more elaborate than it is.


Just as I expected they would, they socks fitted well and were very comfortable. With the brushed cotton for comfort and warmth, and the elastane for stretch and fit.

They washed well and didn’t shrink at all.

Wearing my navy and pink spot socks


Every gentleman should have a couple of patterned socks in their collection. Rock My Socks offer a really good range of colours and styles. There will most definitely be a style that you like and can wear.

Pink Chevron Socks £8.00
Blogger reviews Rock My Socks colourful socks for men

The blue and white polkadot socks from Rock My Socks

Pro’s & Con’s

What do you need from a pair of socks? You want them to fit well. Check! You want them to look good. Check! And you want them to wash well and last for a decent amount of time. Check!

I’ve struggled to find an improvement that I might suggest to make the product better. I can honestly say that I have nothing to offer! They’re a great product, at a good price, and they do exactly what you want from a pair of socks!

Another good thing is the free shipping to US and UK customers who buy three or more pairs! What are you waiting for?

Blogger reviews socks by Rock My Socks

Fashion forward footwear from Rock My Socks


The team liked the socks. I received three blue pairs, two of which were polka dot and one striped pair which do not show off the super designs that they also offer. So, when I showed them other designed available on line, they were really excited.

They thought the quality was very good and that the packaging did what it was intended for. They would happily buy these socks. There were somewhat perturbed by the fact that they had to come all the way from Australia but when I explained that they will shortly be shipping directly within the UK, they were impressed.

Sock review of Rock My Socks

My socks from Rock My Socks, ready to wear


Overall, I think that Rock My Socks do what they do very well. They offer a great range of styles and colours. You’ll find something more sedate if that’s what you’re looking for, or something more eye catching if that’s your thing.

Either way, there will be a pair that takes your fancy. Made well from good materials and well packaged. What more could you want?

Just remember that when you get your’s make sure that you post a picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #RockMySocks.

Blogger reviews socks by Rock My Socks

Snazzy socks from Rock My Socks, lift an ouitfit





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