Denim Do’s and Denim Don’ts

That Dapper Chap takes a look at denim jeans, shares some interesting survey results and tells us about his denim style challenge.


With jeans being the one item worn by every man across the world on a regular basis the industry is huge. But, do you want a boot cut, a slim leg or a super skinny? And once you’ve chosen your shape, what about having them in stone wash, raw denim or ink, maybe even overdyed in red, oh, and do you want then ripped, faded or block colour? The choice is endless.

Smart or ripped? So many styles to choose from. Both pairs by Next

The Jeans Survey

Menswear brand Burton have revealed that 66% of men feel that wearing denim to work is more acceptable now than it was 5 years ago. Once seen as unprofessional and sloppy, office denim has been given a big thumbs up by the men of the nation. London leads the way in office denim style with 78% of men regularly wearing denim to work. The lads up north aren’t far behind with 54% being frequent office denim wearers.

If you want to be part of the growing trend then you’ll need to keep it smart. A dark colour wash in a slim leg was voted by 73% of men as the most office appropriate denim trend, and what I would personally recommend. Black jeans would be great too and 41% of men voted black denim as the trend that can be worn at any age. But again, keep it slim leg and block colour.

“A style savvy man can definitely look smart and professional in denim, it’s about getting the fit and the colour right. Go for slim cuts in darker colours and avoid anything too skinny, wide legged or faded” says Jonathan Lovett, Head of Design at Burton. The number one denim nightmare was double denim, voted by 41% of men as a trend that never should be worn. Super skinny came in at number two with 38% listing it as their top ‘denim don’t’.

The Burton Menswear Survey Results are very interesting

Top Denim Don’ts:

  1. Double denim
  2. Super skinny
  3. High waisted
  4. Ripped denim
  5. Denim brights


Finally, Burton asked their 1,000 British guys who their best and worst celebrity denim
wearers were. Here’s what they said:

Top three celebrity denim wearers:

  1. David Beckham
  2. Justin Timberlake
  3. Ryan Gosling
Messers Beckham, Timberlake and Gosling, top denim wearers

Top three worst celebrity denim wearers:

  1. Joey Essex
  2. Kanye West
  3. Christiano Ronaldo
Messers Essex, West and Ronaldo show how not to do denim

Denim at Burton Menswear

The Burton SS15 denim range is available now at stores nationwide and from Prices start from £20 and go up to £40 for premium selvedge denim.

Special offers currently available from Burton menswear

The Styling Challenge

So, you’ve seen the survey results and chosen a pair of jeans in the fit and colour you want. Now what? what do you team with your jeans to stop you looking like a Kardashian Husband or a half-wit from the most terrible program on British television?

Fear not! That Dapper Chap is on hand to give you some guidance. Over the next few days I shall show you five different looks with just two pairs of jeans from The looks will take you from an afternoon chilling with your music, to the pub, through the preppy look to date night.

The two pairs of jeans that I used for this challenge, both by Next

The style challenge Jeans

The first pair of jeans are a ‘rip repair’ style which we’re seeing much more of creeping back onto our high streets. This idea is that they look like your favorite, well-loved jeans that you have almost work to death. These are from Next and cost £45. They are 100% cotton and available in straight or slim fit and they have a zip fly. Find them HERE

The Rip Repair denim jeans. £45.00 from Next

The second pair are a ‘smart’ denim, block colour and without rips or fading. These are priced at £35.00 and are made from 99% cotton and 1% Lycra. The description online says they have a zip fly, they don’t, it’s a button fly. They are available in straight, slim and skinny fits. Find them HERE

The Smart Dark Raw Jeans, £35.00 from Next

So, please pop back tomorrow for the first installment of the denim jeans style challenge where I’ll show you first of five very different looks that you can easily mirror with a few simply additions or changes to your wardrobe.

*Survey conducted by Gorkana Surveys. 1,000 men aged 18-39 were interviewed online on 29th January and 9th February 2015.



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  1. March 23, 2015 / 3:39 pm

    I am having a terrible time with the current cut of jeans. I have muscular thighs and butt and often times can't even pull them up beyond my knees. If I go up in size enough that they can be pulled up the waist is absolutely huge. I can still get "relaxed" or "relaxed straight fit", but they tend to have large leg openings which looks sloppy with a nice leather shoe. Oh well, just one of those challenges I have had all of my life. When clothes get baggy I get excited as that means they will fit me normally.

    • April 6, 2015 / 11:25 am


      I feel your pain. It pays to shop around and find a brand that fits you well. Trouser sizes are all over the place, in one store I'm one size in another they're too big or too small. I have to tru every single pair on as I just can't trust sizes anymore!