The Paul Hewitt Watch – Product Review

Craig from Eldred Grove reviews the Paul Hewitt Classic Line watch.


Inspired by the timeless chic of the “preppy style” originating from the USA, Paul Hewitt products represent casual authority coupled with lively colours and a touch of maritime flair. Paul Hewitt interpret the term “preppy” as an element of an individual lifestyle, which is holistically reflected in the mentality of the brand.

My Paul Hewitt Classic Line watch, bow tie and Phrep bracelet

Paul Hewitt says “Style consciousness, individuality and high quality standards constitute our entrepreneurial triad for an exclusive product range that deliberately stands out from the interchangeable masses. Through the selection of carefully tailored style elements, we are therefore able to create exceptional and timeless accessory pieces that not only tastefully round off your outfit, but individually complement it”

Strap variations of the Classic Line watch available on the site

While Paul Hewitt offer many preppy products such as ties, bow ties, bracelets and pocket squares, to name but a few, this product review focusses on the Classic Line watch.

The case, back and the winder of the Classic Line watch is made from polished stainless steel and the glass is sapphire glass. The movement is a Quartz Miyota movement by CITIZEN® and each one is supplied with a 24 month guarantee.


Priced at €149 (£112 or $170) it’s a great looking watch for the money. The cost is also in line with other brands selling the ‘Nato’ band watch such as Daniel Wellington and Simon Carter.

My watch with its original anchor nato band

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging it great. The watch is very nicely presented in its own branded box and set in its own little foam cushion to ensure your watch isn’t damaged in transit.

The fully branded navy blue presentation box

You’ll find your guarantee in the box along with your neatly labeled watch, which has a small tag slid into the casing over the battery that you will need to remove to get it operational.

My own watch as it arrived in its presentation box


What do you need from a watch? You need it to tell the time right? Well, the Paul Hewitt Classic Line watch does just that and it does it very well. I have worn mine a number of times now and have no issues with its timekeeping whatsoever.

A closer look at the Classic Line watch face

As for features, there is no light but it does have a sweeping second hand which you can use in breath holding contests with your nearest and dearest(or is that just me?)

I like the roman numerals and for me this isn’t an issue at all, but I do know that some people want simple numbers. The watch does have an hour indicator at each appropriate position rather than one at each quarter and dots in between, which is easier for people who may have eyesight issues or who find it difficult to tell the time without numbers.

The watch is a nice size, neither too big nor too small and while it is not particularly slim line like the Daniel Wellington watch, it isn’t heavy or cumbersome. Put it on and you won’t feel it unlike some of the larger watches out there.

The reverse of my Paul Hewitt watch


This watch is for people looking for something understated and classy. Its classic design will stand the test of time. It’s not a conversation starter and won’t have people clutching at your arm for a look at it. You will wear this watch, it won’t wear you.

It’s not flashy or glaringly obvious, it does what it needs to do and does it very well.

If you’re looking for a watch with a preppy feel which enables you to change the strap to suit your varying looks and moods then invest. If you want a watch that which tracks your heart rate and comes with seventy different buttons and functions you’ll never use, or a ‘blingy’ watch which screams about your status in society this isn’t for you.

My own watch made to match my look perfectly

Pro’s and Cons

The classy design wins it for me. simple, sleek and elegant, the Paul Hewitt Classic Line watch is a great timepiece at a very reasonable cost.

I really like the cream coloured face and the second hand dial as it adds interest and makes is much less plainer than other watches in this category.

If I were to enhance this watch it would be the addition of a light and maybe also include an alternative strap with every watch which for me would make that little bit more desirable for some people.

The watch is also available with a black face which is nice but maybe Paul Hewitt will also consider one with a white face too as I think this could be missing from the range for those who like a very clean look.


The team loved this watch. The first thing they noticed was the anchor print strap which they thought was a nice addition and something a little different from other straps that they had seen.

One person mentioned that they were not a fan of roman numerals, but this is a very personal thing and none of the Paul Hewitt watches they currently have available have numbers.

They liked the packaging too but didn’t feel this was a feature which would make them buy the watch. They would buy the watch simply because it is a nice example and would be very easy to wear.

Contrasting colours in navy and yellow


Overall the watch is a success. Since I’ve had mine I’ve reached for it a number of times, changing the strap to suits whatever outfit takes my fancy. Its a nice size, weight and shape and keeps the time, just as it should.





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  1. November 30, 2015 / 4:00 pm

    Hello!!! I saw your posts previously about the Daniel Wellington watch. Just like to ask between Daniel Wellington and Paul Hewitt which is actually a better brand and more well-known?

  2. December 12, 2018 / 10:07 am

    Hey! Really like the anchors on the watch strap. Great post!

    • craig
      December 12, 2018 / 4:33 pm

      Hi, thanks for your comment! Me too 🙂