Product Review – CNYTTAN Socks

Craig from Eldred Grove reviews the sumptuous socks available from Korean sock manufacturer Cnyttan

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Wear some of the brand new Rugby Stripe design
They go on to say “Although socks are typically considered a small part of fashion, we believe socks can have a major impact on a persons overall look. Our CNYTTAN socks are intended to serve as a key component of the wardrobes of creative dressers” Having worn their socks I do not disagree!CNYTTAN are a Korean accessory brand based in Seoul, offering a great range of high quality socks to both men and women. CNYTTAN says “We believe in our daydreams. Firmly believing in our visions of style and modern living, we prefer to make them [socks] a public statement instead of hiding behind impersonal anonymity”


CNYTTAN are best known for their socks, while they also sell beautiful tie belts, the focus of this product review is the socks.

Yours truly wearing the Siena Red stripe

Designed and made in Korea CNYTTAN focus on great classic designs in simple shapes and make them from very comfortable materials. They have a timeless style and fit in very well with the modern take on the heritage look.

“We’re confident that, for many people who have thought of socks as throw away items, trying our products will be a very eye-opening experience”

Their Mountain Collection is made from 88% cotton and 10% polyester and 2% spandex while their Merino Collection, as you may guess is made from 68% wool, 29% nylon and 3% spandex.​

Just some of my own CNYTTAN socks

You’ll find a great range of classic colours in their Gentleman Gold Line Collection and a great purple and a sky blue in their Tailored Fit range, where customers can by a tighter fitting sock. These have been delicately produced through a hand linked method to give extra comfort to the heels.

You’ll find pure luxury in the Silket Dot range which uses one of the finest fabrics in the industry. I love the Jacquard range with their diamond patterning which will add interest to your ankles.

Relaxing in my Siena red stripe socks
The Jacquard socks in orange and beige $20
The Silket Dot in green and lavender

The V-Cut range are a little different for those that want to step out of the usual styles and in to something a little different. Suitable for Autumn and winter, they are made from a denser quality fabric offering a little more thickness for warmth.

The mint and navy V Cut socks

They also offer a range of both vertical and horizontal stripped socks in some fun colours. The vertical stripe look pretty cool. My favorites by far is the Merino Wool Block range, in classic colours and high quality materials, they will suit anyone.

The vertical stripe socks in blue, beige and navy
Wearing the Brown Stripe Ringostar Socks
My merino wool socks in ocher and green


from £10 ($15) to £13 ($20) a pair these are not cheap socks, they’re not the type to wear a couple of times and then get thrown away. They are a quality item and you get what you pay for here. I’d be happy to pay these prices.

Me, modelling the Monaco Yellow stripe socks $18

Packaging & Presentation

Each pair of socks comes with it’s own card tag at the top, holding each pair together with a simple stitch. The tag has the CNYTTAN name and familiar star logo.

On the toe you’ll find a neat little metal clip, holding them securely together. just be careful when you remove this to make sure that you don’t snag the socks.

The neat little branded tag keeping to toes neat
The fully branded top tags

My socks arrived in simple plastic bags, not overly classy and I do feel it undervalued the quality of the socks. Having said this you can buy a gift set which will arrive in a beautiful gift box, making them very extra special.

Ringostar Stripe 3 Pack
The Ringostar gift set $63


I found all of the socks very comfortable and well fitting. You may wonder if the high wool content in some of the styles would make them heavy, thick or itchy to wear. but the merino wool is very soft and luxurious. Just be careful how you wash them as mine shrunk during their first wash. They did stretch out afterwards, and I have worn them since, but make sure you follow the washing instructions on their website, I didn’t, and put them in a standard 40 degree wash.

Modelling the brown stripe Ringostar stripe socks
A closer look at the Ringostar stripe socks


If you’re into your socks and make a concerted effort to make sure they match the look and feel of your outfit, take a look at the CNYTTAN range, especially if you’re looking for quality socks in classic designs.

If you’re looking for over patterned and elaborately designed socks, these are not for you. these are at the more sophisticated end of the socktrum (thats sock spectrum to you and I) These are not your disposable fashion accessory, but more of a long term commitment.

The latest designs. The Rugby sock

Pro’s & Con’s

I like the range available on the web site as there is a lot to choose from. I also like the quality of the materials and the knit. I found no snags or poor stitching on any of the pairs that I received.

My only suggestion would be to add the washing instructions to the card tag on each pair. Even on the website the washing instructions are not overly concise, and they don’t offer a washing temperature, hence my merino wool socks shrunk.

The only other improvement I’d suggest is the packaging, If you’re not buying a gift set the packaging is very basic and I think that CNYTTAN are missing a trick here as improved packing and presentation would make the socks feel much more high end.

Wearing the Monaco Yellow Stripe Socks


These are socks, so aren’t going to get people overly excited, unless of course they are a sock fanatic like myself! The team liked the range and thought it was great that they could buy a ribbed, stripped sports style sock and a merino wool sock at the same store.

They, like me were a little disappointed with the packaging, but they didn’t feel that it detracted from the product. “you don’t wear the packaging do you!”

They liked the little metal toe clip and thought the quality of the knit and fabrics was high.

A more sport pair on CNYTTAN socks in black and purple rugby stripe


Overall I do really like CNYTTAN socks. Yes I’ve had a moan about the packaging but this is far from a major issue. The quality is apparent in every pair and this coupled with the great choice available makes me a fan and future customer.

When you buy your just make sure you post a picture to Instagram and tag @cnyttan and use the hashtags #cnyttan and #thatdapperchap so we can find you!




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