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Craig from Eldred Grove introduces us to CTH Ericson, a Swedish hat and cap store with an established heritage and a great range.

The History of CTH Ericson

Founded in 1885 by Carl Theodor Ericson who opened their very first store selling hats, CTH Ericson is now a well established hat and cap manufacturer selling its pieces across the globe to men, women and children.

Businessman and founder Carl Theodor Ericson

In the early 1900s the company expanded its business from a single store selling other peoples hats and began making his own. The business grew and in the 1950s the number of employees reached 230 people. At the time, CTH Ericson was the largest workplace for women in Borlänge. Even today, they hear many stories of Grandmothers and Aunts who have been involved and contributed to CTH’s history.

The CTH Workforce, at the factory in Sweden

Until the late 90th century CTH Ericson produced all of their hats and caps in their factory in central Borlänge. Today they produce a small number of selected special models in the Borlänge factory.

Quality is key and they strive to use fabrics and other supplies which originate in Europe, in order to offer a product which is as locally produced as possible.

Today, more than 125 years later, they continue to deliver caps and hats to the Swedish people. The difference now is that CTH’s hats are now also found in the major parts of Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States. I am sure that Carl Theodor would be proud!

The Range

CTH Ericson offer a very wide range of hats and caps and has something to suit every head and face shape. With some very heritage style hats there are classic examples to choose from but they also offer items with a modern edge.

I now have a few hats by the company and I’ll take you through them.

The first is:

The Baker Sr

In multi coloured Plaid wool the cap is 100% wool and is available is various sizes. I am wearing size 57. It fits very well and is very comfortable. This cap also has fold our ear flaps (Pic 2)to help keep your ears warm on cold days. when not in use they are folded very neatly inside the hat and you wouldn’t know they were there.

With its colourful design and contract peak its a very nice cap and can be worn with more casual outfits.

The Baker Sr is priced at £45.00

Phillip Sr

Next up we have Phillips Sr in bright blue 100% cotton corduroy. The cap itself is totally traditional but the colour makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Phillip Sr is priced at £43.00

William Sr

My favourite hat is this one, the ‘William’ It as a very vintage look to it and reminds be of steam train drivers. Again, made from 100 wool its quality is unmistakable.

The William Sr is priced at £51.00

Alan Sr

Another of my favourite hats due to its vintage feel and look, call it a Bakerboy or Newsboy hat its essentially the same thing. in black and grey herringbone it’s made from 45% wool, 35% acrylic and 15% polyester.

Wear it with a suit and overcoat or with jeans and shirt or create a full heritage look as I have done here.

Alan Sr is priced at £50.00


All of the hats and caps are very good quality and you can buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a piece that will last you years.

As well as hats and caps for men CTH Ericson sell hats for women and children too so the entire family can have great headwear over the coming winter months.

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