A weekend in Racing Green Menswear

Craig from Eldred Grove takes us on a weekend away to the British coast and shows us his outfit created entirely from the latest range from British brand racing Green.

A very British weekend

So off I went to the coast to put my feet up and enjoy the British Autumn by the sea with my two best friends Victoria Sponge and Earl Grey. All week the forecast had promised a dry day, and it was for approximately 30 minutes! I literally just had time to photograph a few items from my outfit before we had to take cover in our beach hut.

A brief splash of sun before the rain came down

For the weekend away I put together an outfit made entirely of items from British brand Racing Green. Racing Green have been around since 1990 supplying men like you and I with quality items for everyday wear from jeans to jumpers, blazers to boots and suits to socks. See my last blog article for a history of the brand here and find out just why they are called ‘Racing Green’

I have chosen a look which can take you from office to pub (something we all do on a regular basis…..no?…..just me?) Or see you through a weekend away.

Enjoying a warming cup of coffee in the pub after a paddle in the British sea

The Shoes

As soon as I saw these shoes on the site I knew I had to have them! A classic brogue but in Oxblood leather.

Even though this was the first time I had worn them they were comfortable and left me with no blisters. They’re a versatile shoe and can be as easily teamed with a suit as a pair of jeans, or even a pair of shorts and no show socks (roll on summer!)

100% leather upper. Available here now and reduced from £99 to £69

The Ferguson brogues in Oxblood leather
It has to be done, even in November!
A closer look at the brogue detail

The Socks

These are the ‘Bridge’ moss stitch socks. They come in a pack of three in burgundy, pale green and light grey. They are a thin knit and are very soft. In 77% cotton and 16% nylon they will be hard wearing. I like the colour range and I can see that they will be ones that I reach for on a regular basis.

Available here, reduced from £12.00 to £9.00

The ‘Bridge’ three pack moss stitch socks
The perfect British weekend away
Beautiful shoes and the perfect socks

The Chinos

These slim fit, flat front chinos are a must have. So easy to dress up or down and they fit perfectly.

they are made from a soft wash cotton twill and aside from generous front pockets, they also have some great little detailing on them such as the rear pocket fastening which I didn’t realise matched the shirt I chose perfectly. There’s also a notch in the rear of the waistband and contrasting tape on the inside seams, meaning that you can wear them with turn ups and a low rise Converse or more formally as I have, all of which confirm their quality and versatility.

Available here, reduced from £45.00 to £36.00

The ‘Lawson’ slim fit chinos
The North Sea is freezing but being British I couldn’t resist a dip
A peak of the taped inside seams
The devil is in the details

The Shirt

I picked this Chambray shirt as it’s a classic. Wear it with a suit and tie to the office, with chinos and a great knit as I have here, or just throw it over your favourite scruffy T-Shirt on a rainy Sunday afternoon in front of the TV.

Again the shirt has some nice little details like the calico trim on the inside of the cuffs and the little button loops on the sleeve placket.

The curved hem gusset means that the shirt looks just as good loose and untucked as it does tucked in.

Available here, reduced from £38.00 to £30.40

The Racing Green Chambray Shirt, just having around
A closer look at the little button loops on the arm placket

The calico detail on the shirt cuffs

A closer look at the fabric

The Tie

As a supporter of the blunt ended knitted tie I chose the Ross knitted tie, I thought the denim colour went well with the smart casual look and the texture fitted well. The tie is also available in green.

Available here, reduced from £12.00 to £9.60

The denim coloured Ross knitted tie
Dress up a casual look with a great tie

The Knitted Waistcoat

Anyone who follows my Instagram and blog knows that I love a knitted waistcoat and when I saw this cool herringbone pattern knit, it was mine! It was a close call though between this one and the Felix fairisle tank, but I have enough fairisle to sink a small Scottish island so I opted for the Catwick knitted waistcoat.

In 50% lambswool its very soft to the touch and kept off the sea breeze. The pockets are very handy for those bits and bobs that we all gather on our travels and its warm too.

Now available here reduced from £45.00 to £31.50

Enjoying a warming cup of tea in the beach hut
The Catwick herringbone knit waistcoat

The Blazer

I have a number of blazers, navy, grey, black even red tartan but I didn’t own one in burgundy which of course is the colour of the season. With a 50% wool content its going to do a good job of keeping you warm and waterproof and I am living testament to both of those!

It has patch pockets and is half lined, which makes it more of a casual piece for teaming with jeans or a more smarter chino as I have here. Called ‘Paull’ it is also available in grey or navy.

Available here, reduced from £120.00 to £96.00

The Paull blazer from Racing Green
A close up of the fabrics and details
A great blazer in the colour of the season
Who can resist a blazer with a free pocket square!

The Scarf

Autumn is my favorite time of year, Halloween, fireworks and cold mornings. One thing I look forward to getting my collection of scarves out of hibernation and hanging them all up on my hall stand ready for those chilly starts.

Racing Green have a great basic navy scarf in a cable knit. In a classic design and colour it’s everyones friend. Not only can you buy a matching beanie hat but it comes in grey too! There’s nothing fancy about it, it’s just a good staple piece in a classic design.

Available here, reduced from £18.00 tow £14.40

A classic scarf suitable for all necks
Keeping warm in my blazer, waistcoat and scarf
The best fish and chips in town. I’m not even joking!
A closer look at the cable knit

In Summary

Overall, the weekend wasnt an entire disaster, Yes, it was cold, yes it rained (a lot) but I got to do the essential things like eat ice cream, throw pebbles into the sea, paddle and eat fish and chips at the pub by a roaring log fire! What would a weekend by the sea be without fish and chips hey?

Racing Green have established themselves as a genuine contender in the menswear market. With nearly 25 years in the industry they know what they’re doing and who their audience is.

Their range isn’t going to blow anyone away. They won’t win awards for innovative styles and they’re not pushing the boundaries of mens fashion. What they are doing (and doing it very well) is focussing on providing well fitting, good quality staple items for guys like you and I. I’m very pleased with my outfit and the quality of each piece.

Chilling out in the beach hut reading the Racing Green newspaper

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