Five Cool Coats by Next

Craig from Eldred Grove shows us his top five favourite coats for this winter by Next

Looking like I own it. Image by PhotoByIan
With the days getting colder and wetter its a good time to make that one seasonal purchase that we all do and invest in a new coat. Keeping it at the more dapper end of the range here are my top five coats from Next.

Number 5 – The Pea Coat

With its large collar that can be turned up against the elements, the pea coat has stood the test of time as a classic coat. Double breasted and unbelted is gives a clean silhouette.

With its design firmly rooted in naval history it has stood the test of time, so if it’s been a solid wearable coat since its origin in the 1700’s it’s good enough for me.

Mine is a green colour but other colours such as black, navy and grey are available too. Next also offers one with a cosy Borg collar.

I love mine but I would love it more if it were longer and I find the wrist straps somewhat fussy, hence it sits at number five.

The classic double breasted Pea Coat by Next
Image by PhotoByIan

The Next pea coat with Borg collar £85
The basic black pea coat available at Next for £85

  Number 4 – The Double Breasted Trench

Again with its roots in military design, I love this classic trench coat, with its collar slightly smaller than the pea coat it’s still big enough to provide you with protection from the wind when turned up.

It’s also slightly longer than the pea coat too, so it’ll keep the tops of your legs warmer than the pea coat would.

Again, its the fussiness that keeps it at the lower end of my list as belts on coats can irritate me and I wear my own trench coat less than I should as the belt has a habit of twisting at the back which is most annoying.

Me wearing my own Trench Coat, Belt untwisted!
Trench coat available at Next £110
Also available in brown
Tie the belt on your trench coat for a different look

Number 3 – The Fur Collared Coat

At number three we have a single breasted coat with a cosy fur collar. Perfect for wintry walks and long enough to keep out the chills this example is made from 59% wool and 33% polyester. The lining and collar are 100% polyester. It’s a great buy at just £99

Turn up the fur collar against the snow
A closer look at the detail


Number 2 – The Covert Coat

It was the colour that drew me to this piece. It’s a little unusual to find a burgundy coloured coat so I jumped at the chance to get my hands one one. At just £99 it is available in grey, brown and of course burgundy. Made from 50% wool, 20% polyester, 15% nylon and 10% acrylic it has a 100% polyester lining.

Worn just as easily over a suit as it would be jeans and a sweater the only thing that stops it being at number one is the contrast collar. I don’t know why it troubles me, it just does.

That Dapper Chap sporting the burgundy Covert coat
Image by PhotoByIan

Number 1 – The Epsom Coat

Made from 70% wool and at a good length the Epsom coat wins on the warm stakes. Classic in its design there is nothing fussy about this coat, no belt or epaulettes and with three simple pockets it has a super clean silhouette.

I bought mine a couple of years ago and it still wears like new and looks great. yes I’ve had it dry cleaned and stored over the summer but even so, it still looks fresh.

Priced at just £95 you get a lot of class for the cost.

I love my Epsom coat and my Instagram account is testament to that
The classic navy coloured Epsom coat from next £95
A close up look at the details of this classic coat
Also available in Khaki

Well, I hope that this article has whet your appetite and opened your wallet and that you are now waiting for your new coat to arrive. Once it has, be sure to post a picture to Instagram and tag that_dapper_chap or leave a comment on here! All the best.



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