Product Review – Oybo Socks It To ’em

Craig of Eldred Grove reviews Oybo Untuned Socks. One Pair, Two Souls

Blogger reviews socks by OYBO

Socks by OYBO add a distinct quirky value to an outfit

Some of us like to be different and show some individuality and personality in our outfits. Black socks are for guys who work in banks and have to show a more sedate ankle. If however your ankles are a little more adventurous I’d like to introduce you o Oybo socks, an Italian company that specialise in offering socks a little different to what you may be used to. Each one are a pair, but each sock in the pair is a little different to its partner, adding instant interest to the hem of your trousers!
Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

Oybo socks add interest and personality to an outfit


Oybo Socks, packsa punch in the ever increasing bold world of socks. Oybo are different, both figuratively and literally, as the first thing you’ll notice is that their socks do not match! This is their USP and they sell their products as ‘untuned’ i.e. each pair of socks is a pair, but each individual sock has a slightly different design to its partner.

Blogger reviews distinctive socks by OYBO

The pink ‘Disbanded’ socks by OYBO

For  a few years now there has been a sock revolution, and you can now buy a huge range of multicoloured socks in a variety of designs. This is in direct demand from guys like me who want to inject some interest into their look on a daily basis. Wearing a bright and funky pair of socks is a sure fire way of injecting some personality and showing some individuality. The people at Oybo say “We’re a small group of friends who started to do something nice for ourselves. We loved it so much we’re now proposing sharing our enjoyment with connoisseurs who are serious about fashion but don’t take themselves too seriously! This is to the ones who enjoying telling the whole world what they’re about. And like doing it with nice details”

The majority of their socks are 95% cotton with 5% elastan. They recommend that they are hand washed and not tumble dried. They can also be dry cleaned.

Influencer reviews mismatched socks by Italian brand Oybo

The ‘Border Turquoise’ and the ‘Border Brown’ socks by Oybo


I think you’ll agree that Oybo have taken this a step further and introduced a funkier element to the sock revolution and its one that I’m enjoying!

A pair of Oybo socks will set you back 26 Euros (£22). For a pair of socks this does seem a little steep but the design that has gone into each pair is worth it. You’re not going to find anthing similar out there and you’ll noticed while wearing them.

Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

The ‘Baton Rouge’ socks from Oybo

Packing & Presentation

These are a more high end sock. Buy yourself a pair as a treat or put your favourite pair on your birthday list.

The Oybo packaging is great, I love it and it only adds to the fact that this is a high end sock. Each pair comes lovingly joined together with a cardboard tag before it is encased in tissue paper and them placed into its own cardboard envelope. The envelope has the name of the sock hand written on it which is a very individual and personal touch.

Blogger reviews socks by Italian brand Oybo

Each pair of Oybo socks come in their own cardboard wallet


There is a lot of information on the cardboard envelope about the product, the material and washing instructions. There is also a cute little note suggesting that while we have two feet which are the same, we may have mixed feelings, so why why not wear different socks.

A lot of Oybo socks are knee high. In the UK we’re used to something that finishes mid calf at the highest. This may be a little distracting for some gentlemen and okay, maybe you don’t want to be wearing a pair of Oybo socks when changing at the gym as you will get funny looks (I know this first hand)but the bonus is that they do not fall down. You pull them up in the morning and they stay there all day.

Influencer reviews socks by Oybo

The ‘Versailles’ socks in fresh cotton for warmer months

Some of mine have been washed a few times now and while I have mentioned above they it is recommended that they are hand washed, mine have been in both the washing machine and the tumble dryer! (Sorry Oybo) I’m pleased to say though that they’re still good to wear but the colour has faded and they have shrunk slightly. So yes, the recommendation to hand wash them is correct!

They are easy to wear and the summer range are cool and airy. They are not too thick and have a weave a little like a ladies hosiery. Again, in the UK we’re not familiar with this but other countries are, and it’s expected. I’m okay with it but it is very different to what I’m used to. The ‘warmer’ range are a nice thickness, and its good to have a choice of thickness when choosing socks.

Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

The ‘Blue Dub’ socks


If you work in a bank and wear a grey suit every day and have to meet incredibly important people while remaining perfectly professional, maybe you should stick to a plain black sock as these babies could distract from all those graphs and PowerPoint presentations!

If your’e a guy who likes to stand out from the crowd or who does have an important job but still wants to show some personality (as a lot of us do) then these are for you!The main thing I like about Oybo socks is the selection. They have a great range and I have never seen anything like them before. They stay up all day and they are very comfortable to wear. They do not leave you with those horrible ‘sock lines’ which reshape your legs and leave dents in your calves indicating that your circulation has been a tad impeded all day!

Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

The ‘Hanock’ socks

Pros & Cons

I’ve struggled to think of any negatives or anything that I’d change. I’ve already mentioned the light weave and the similarity to a ladies hosiery. This does make me a little uncomfortable but that’s just me being a typical Brit and I’m already getting over it. Other than that I have no suggested improvements!

Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

The ‘In Progress’ socks by Oybo


Some people don’t get it! Some people think that I have intentionally brought and worn different socks in some misguided attempt to make some kind of awkward social statement.

Once I made them aware of the brand and their philosophy they get it, but they are still a little uncomfortable with the concept. Its not mainstream so some people find it difficult to get their heads around.

My test group liked the designs and the quality of the socks but the majority of them would not wear them, simply because they are too different. Its apparent that I’m a fan! I’m a person that likes things that are different, that stand out, and which challenge the norm. Oybo do this and they do it well and to a very high standard.

Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

The ‘Sashimi’ socks by Oybo


Not everyone is as comfortable with the concept as me and the person that buys Oybo socks is making a statement and showing the world that they’re happy to step out of a box. They’re aimed at the individual, the person who is happy to take a risk and the person that is often found putting two fingers up to the world and saying “Yes, I’m different and I’m happy to be”

Influencer reviews socks by Oybo

Oybo socks, fresh and funk fun at the ankles

What are your thoughts on Oybo socks? Maybe you have some yourself, or maybe you’re on the look out for something more interesting to add to your sock collection. Either way, I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for reading!



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