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  • The Motorola One

    The Motorola One
  • Introducing Jaguar Stance

    Introducing Jaguar Stance
  • Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Loss Treatment

    Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Loss Treatment
  • Eldred Grove X Peper Harow London

    Eldred Grove X Peper Harow London


The Motorola One

Craig shares details of the new mobile phone from Motorola

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
Testing the camera on the Motorola One

My first mobile phone was by Motorola. It had large clunky buttons, no screen and a stubby fixed aerial. That was a long time ago, and in recent years Motorola seems to have lost a little of its popularity. That’s all about to change as they’re back with the Motorola One, an Android smart phone for the next generation.

To test the phone, particularly its photographic capabilities, Motorola invited us to try it out at the London Zoo Christmas Lights Trail. As we know, shooting images at night, with lights and moving objects can be challenging, not for the Motorola One it seems!

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One phone
An image captured on the Motorola One, unedited and without a filter
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Introducing Jaguar Stance

Craig shares details of the brand new Jaguar Stance fragrance.

At an exclusive launch event in central London, I was introduced to the striking new eau de toilette in the Jaguar Fragrances family. With a fresh and vibrant personality, allow me to introduce you to Jaguar Stance.

Blogger reviews Jaguar Stance mens fragrance

Introducing Jaguar Stance in its distinctive 3D smokey glass bottle

Along with their beautifully designed cars, Jaguar have been creating men’s fragrances for some time. Historically they have been aimed at a more mature gentleman. This time around they are offering a distinctive new fragrance directly aimed at a younger, up and coming audience. Think of those twenty somethings, fresh out of university, super connected, and about to take their careers by the horns and carve their way into the world. View Post

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Loss Treatment

Craig shares details of his Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss treatment

Blogger shares his experience of Scalp Micropigmentation treatment at the Reform Hair Clinic

My scalp after just one treatment. The difference is clear to see

By the age of 35 two thirds of all men will suffer from some type of hair loss, be it a receding hair line, baldness or thinning at the crown. This can affect our self confidence hugely, and while there are pills, creams and even surgery to stop or repair the loss, they can be very costly and may not work. That said, allow me to introduce the process of Scalp Micropigmentation; a permanent solution to disguise hair loss.

Blogger shares detail of his scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment

The treatment room at the Reform Hair Clinic, discrete and professional

Introducing the Reform Hair Clinic

The Reform Hair clinic is a brand new treatment room in Ipswich, Suffolk ran by certified Scalp Micropigmentation specialist Nick Circelli. Nick himself suffered from a receding hairline and has had the treatment himself to bring his hairline forward. What better than to have someone who has had the treatment themselves share their experience and treat you.

The treatment room is intimate and away from prying eyes, discretion is assured as Nick understands that not everyone wants to share their treatment with the world.

Along with this post I have also created a video on YouTube for you which shows the treatment in process.

Blogger shares details of his Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss treatment

Nick Circelli, owner of the Reform Hair Clinic in Suffolk, puts me at ease

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